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Tony Carmine Salermo decks

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Tony Carmine Salermo decks

Do any of you have any of his decks?

I find the art so beautiful but wonder how well they read.
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I use his Spirit Oracle & its wonderful. I love his artwork & the backs of the cards have a short paragraph/meaning on. I connect really well with these. They are so accurate & meaning ful every time I draw one! - Ive recently also ordered his Universal Wisdom Cards they look beautiful as well!
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Join Date: 05 Oct 2006
Location: Currently in the Twilight Zone
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i am thinking of getting those two plus the universal love ones (not the heart shaped ones) but i was hoping they wont be exactly the same like doreen virtue decks. please let me know when you get it how they differ
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Little Hare 

I have his ask an angel cards... and they are amazing!!!! Do a search here on the thread and you will find some pictures of the cards that Elven posted... This angel deck is the best ive seen and works wonders. I've also had the crystal oracle deck which i traded on and that rocks! works really smoothly too. His decks are worth getting


EDIT: His decks are 100 times better then doreen virtue's
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I have the Universal Wisdom Oracle + about four Doreen Virtue decks. I don't find Wisdom Oracle anything like Doreen's decks.

The cardstock is nice to handle, a good size and cleanly shuffles. The backs are the same.....a beautiful large, rosebud. The artwork on the cards themselves is quite muted but strong. The cards are very gentle and have positive interpretations.

I don't find it very easy to read this deck intuitively though I haven't used it often.

My friend has the Universal Love Oracle and again, lovely, gentle artwork but not that easy to read intuitively with. Perhaps if I got better acquainted with this deck I would be able to read it intuitively????

with love
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I have the Universal Love and Universal Wisdom.

Universal Love never really spoke to me... I can't sense much structure here, and the artwork has a wide range from breathtaking to dowdy imho.

I like Universal Wisdom, where I think the cards are level with one another and I can see how the keywords connect. I hardly use this as a stand-alone though, rather as a kick-off of summary of a reading.

Not a bit like Doreen Virtue.
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Join Date: 05 Oct 2006
Location: Currently in the Twilight Zone
Posts: 5,759

I just hope they are all different since its the same artist. i hope if i get them i can work with them because i hate getting stuck with decks i dont use hmm...ill think about it tho i loveee the artwork so pretty!
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Smile Toni Carmine Salerno

his decks incredible... the Goddess/Angel Forms within his artwork, very unique.... they read incredible........

Different decks for different clients i find worth investing in......

I love all of his work, books and meditation CD's...... as well as all of his Oracle decks........

Magdalene, Gaia, Ask an Angel and Crystal Oracle.....

Blessed Be!
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I have the Gaia Oracle Cards, and I simply LOVE them! The really "talked" to me in the store and I had to have them!

I use them almost every day - I draw a card asking what I need to focus on today, meditate on or just keep in mind during the day in order to grow spiritually the way I'm supposed to. They have helped me so much in so many ways and the cards as well as the messages are simply beautiful and very meaningful - at least to me!
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I have the Crystal ORacle and Magdalene ORacles. MAgdalene spoke to me very strongly in the store, and Crystal was a beloved gift.

I am really digging the Gaian Oracle from what I saw on his website, and the Lovers Oracle is...well, lovely.

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