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The Characters in Attendance - Six of Wands

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Willow Huntermoon 
The Characters in Attendance - Six of Wands

Has any one ever noticed the characters other than the guy on the horse.
Yesterday I was looking at the card and noticed some familiar faces.
The Seven of Wands (with 2 feathers in his hat)
The Seven of Swords
The Man in the 5 of Pentacles (with his hat on)
The Hanged Man (upright)
Four of Pentacles
Three of Wands (with a different colour cloak on)

Now, this has totaly caused me to re-think this card. What does it all mean, and why these particular people in attendance?

Also most of them are not even looking at the man on the horse. The Seven of Wands is almost looks like he is trying to stop the crowd from cheering or holding them back?
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bumble bee 
6 of wands

What is the horse walking on? The people in the background almost seem ghost like. The character iwith the two feathers is almost transparent. So does the figure under the horses belly who is stooped over.

In the Rider Waite deck you can see the people right along with the rider
all moving along together in victory. The guy with the feathers isnt even facing the rider.
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This is such a deep card, so many layers to it. I see the man facing away from the rider as praising the rider, or announcing his arrivial, others appear to be marching along in the same direction, others looking at the rider. With the rider highlighted it really shows him as the leader, the victor, the one to follow. This is not only a piece of art, but a great tarot card to read from, it drew me right in.
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