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Queen of Pentacles

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Queen of Pentacles

in looking at this card, to do a reading in another section of the forum, i was thinking about how dignified, and ladylike the queen is. how trustworthy, as suggested by the rabbit. how motherly as suggested by the child on the legs of the throne, and also the fruit on the back of the throne. but there was just something out of place about the goats head, it just did not fit, the rest of the card. then looking closer, between the goats head, and the green veil, i saw something that changed my whole perception of this card. if you look closely there appears to be a penis protruding from the seat of the throne. (i do not mean to be vulgor, but this is what i saw.) this made me think about how even the most proper, and dignified people have their little secrets. how most of us would be shocked to learn the hidden things in the people we look up to. not that there is anything wrong with those secrets, but there are things we do not know or want or need to know. and, i had to think about just how human we all are. this does not less-on my opinion of this queen, but i realize just how much alike we are. she is a queen of the people because she is a real person.
just a few rambling thoughts on this lovely wonderful woman.
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Chubby Mummy 

I think the Queen of pentacles is a pretty amazing woman she is able to support her family, work, be a mother and of course like any other normal human being has her *needs* too! Good on the Queen of pentacles and her secret penis!! I think people that repress emotions and needs tend to start taking it out on other things, or people, and then weird perverse behaviour starts...if this Queen is the sort of person who accepts her needs and fulfills them, she will be a better mother/wife/provider as a result as she will be much I rambling on about nothing again???

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I think the goat, like the rabbit is a symbol of fertility. However, with the Devil it is representative of bestiality and overindulgence in sex. I have reason to see the Queen as one of the more sexual, sensuous cards in the Rider Waite but don't honestly think there is a literal penis there. Although on closer inspection I can see what you mean!

She can be a message to let go of repressive constraints and go wild sexually. The more sexual side of the Empress. Physical desire, sexual desire and Venus. The red rabbit/roses/robe - all very sexual and passionate.
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psychic sue 

I see the rabbit as a symbol of sexual fertility and spiritual fruitfulness. I always see her as equating to the Empress in the major arcana, but this lady has self-awareness and this quality often proves the most important in readings I have done.

I see what you mean about the "penis" - surely just another reference to fertility? Or maybe the balance of nature, ying and yang?

Another point - notice how she wears a red robe over a white shirt - like the Magician. The Magician manipulates the forces hidden in the world -the queen of pentacles joins herself to those forces.
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goat and something that seems to be a penis

great observation, seriously phallic indeed!
to me it looks like a horn of some sort, emphasizing the goat symbol underneath it and the rabbit ( sexually super active ) in the right corner of the pic.

the horny queen

The goat, to me is closely linked to the devil. Also, interestingly the goat represents the active male sexual aspect, and in my head always linked to the devil card symbols.
So she is one pursuing or seducing actively rather than a passive feminine seduction? A rather aggressive pursuit ? Active sexuality, earthy lust, all senses involved and very physical.
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Le Mat
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The Queen of Pentacles rules the first two Decans of Capricorn the Goat. She represents the cardinal Earth sign and all which that implies.
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