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Tree of Life - Tif'eret

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Qabalah - Tree of Life - Tif'eret

This so important Sefirah is often translated as Beauty, or at times as Splendor (Cf 1 Chronicles 29:11).

On the glyph of the Tree of Life, is occupies its most central position, coming sixth in the order of emanation, and but fifth on our ascent. Interestingly, this sephirah has, in the Hebrew, five letters, and with Geburah and Gedulah (which each, under those names, also have five letters), make the three Sefirot of the section of the Tree lying between the veil and the abyss.

Below it is paroket, or the veil, for at the level of this Sefirah, one already has entered the spiritual realm with awareness - hence it is also often connected with the Beauty of Truth (in Hebrew, 'truth' is 'AMT', closely reminiscent of 'A-Maat').

In the order of emanation, this Sefirah is closely connected with the countenance of the Sun - with its esplendourous light raying forth through the veil.

As always, I look forward to other contributions!
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Tif'eret [tiphareth] ! ah sunshine:-)

Compared to the negative connections with geburah, Tiphareth is a vibrant solar sephiroth. The Thoth deck alligns the four sixes to it...6 cups-Pleasure, 6 wands -Victory, 6 swords -Science and the 6 wands-Success.....a very pleasent bunch !

Tiphareth lies midway on the shining central path, and is the only sephiroth directly linked with kether. [the path of Ra, and on through the hidden temple] This path crosses the abyss, directly through daath. In some meditations this is the sephiroth reached when the Isis will come to guide you . Tiphareth is actually directly linked to 8 different sephiroth. It is important I think to say that magick meets the seeker halfway. When 'tiphareth' is attained, this is the seeker doing there 'halves' work.

Simplicity comes into mind with this sephiroth, sometime thought of as a garden of childhood innocence. The sun card I think, depicts this sephiroths nature well. The four princesses are also alligned with it.

A grand place to leave the 'ego' behind and voyage OUT.
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Just as the objective solar system orbits around the sun, and blood flows to and from the heart, Tiphareth is the life-giving emanation within the Tree, sustaining and sustained by the other Sephiroth. To obtain Knowledge of Tiphareth is probably one of the greatest achievements humanity is capable of. It is a state of being of pure self-fufilling rapture.

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