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Join Date: 31 Oct 2004
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Steampunk tarot (Moore) - XII Hanged Man

Here we have a definite link with RWS imagery, and probably one of the most recognisable in a deck if that makes sense.

We have a gentleman hanging upside down. He appears to be against a wall, his right leg bound by chains to a stone ledge above a stained glass window.
Either side of the window, running vertically are two pipes, and his wrists are bound to these pipes by a climing plant of sorts. They may look whispy but I am not underestimating how strong they will be. Just try and pull apart a climbing ivy stem and you will know what I mean. Makes me wonder though - has he been there so long the plants have had time to grow around his wrists, or were they there previously and used as his chains?

As with traditional imagery, his left leg is bent at the knee, so we have an inverted figure of '4'. (Symbol of security and safety). His clothing is an indication he has been hard at work, and has been perhaps in a role that works up a sweat. He is wearing victorian style shirt (sleeves rolled up), a waistcoat and trousers. His fingers are clenched over. I don't know why, but overall I get the feel that he happy with his lot, and if anything is quietly celebrating. If you turn the card around to reverse it, and wasn't aware he was actually suspended, you may understand where I am coming from.

The stained glass window does not tell us a great deal. There is a sense of a sun around his head, almost as an aura. Above the sun are 3 cogs, one of which is only just perceptable.

** If this card is associated with the issue of seeing things from a different perspective, how does he feel about what he is now perceiving? What makes you think this?

**Barbara indicates the rising of the feet over the head indicates a temporary over riding of the mind and analytical approach. How does that relate with the issue of being inverted?

**If we focus on the position of his legs in a reading, what does that tell us about a suggested approach to the issue we face?

** How much influence does the sun in the stain glass window have in our overall take on this image?

** How much longer does he have to wait there? I guess if we need the chains to grow over with the vine, it could be a while yet! He doesn't seem too bothered though so we should take heart from that if it appears in our reading.

I had never associated this card before with a traitor, but Barbara does make mention of this, particularly if it appears with associated cards (5 or 7 of swords)

I know there is often a link with sacrifice, but who is sacrificing who should this apply? Is it self sacrifice, or is it a case of someone hanging you out to dry? Either could apply, and has done on many occasion for me.

Life is like a box of chocolates: you never know what you will get but hope it isn't going to be the coffee cream!

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It likes the arch of God's Church, the stained glass windows like a symbol of Divine Light. The light of the Christian doctrine, by means of which Church leaders saw divine things, as in a mirror. It was believed that the stained glass windows were opposed showers and winds of Christian heresy. For a long time it was thought that all that is created around, created by God and all the new and progressive was considered heresy and persecuted by the church authorities.
The light of the Christian doctrine, by means of which church leaders saw divine things, as in a mirror. It was believed that the stained glass windows were opposed showers and winds of Christian heresy. For a long time it was thought that all that is created around, created by God and all the new and progressive was considered heresy and persecuted.
Creative, innovative people who understand the nature of things make them to work, contemplating the Divine.

They considered:

"The light of the material, located or in nature of heaven spaces either made in the earth art by humans is an image of the intelligible world, and more than all - of the Light of Truth."

This man like is was enlightened by R.Waite - is the one who knows the truth. There is the Sun around his head. This sun is like a halo of sacred icons, it is like an inverted icon, his world upside down. He has chosen to sacrifice himself for the sake of his spiritual potential for science developing. He reminds me of Nickole Tesla. This genius who got his ideas and discoveries from space.
He turned down. He looks at this life not the same like others see, he is an eccentric genius. A genius is also a deviation from the norm.

The provision of his arms on the background of the solar disc with rays reminds me Big Watch. and this Man hands are like the Hands of Watch. This is like overturned Watch. He seemed to be in another world, or rather, in another space dimension.
This person does not think like everyone else, he looks at life quite a different angle, his scientific discoveries are able to change the world. Turn everything on its head.
Perhaps his ideas and thoughts too innovative and not accepted by the public nowadays (it is out of his time, his consciousness rotated not right direction, his discoveries are out of time and ill-timed), he is considered like a freak, but it takes time for people to start thinking the same and to believe in his idea.
And for this it is necessary to sacrifice something.... to be not like others,to have a light head and a lifelong bond with science. After all, new discoveries do not come immediately, sometimes scientists are working all their life, devoting all their time and enthusiasm. They pass through failures, misunderstandings surrounding, taboos and dogmas. Sometimes they remain unrecognized by merits of their generation, their discovery stopped, frozen for a time, to a new generation, more progressive could use them.

They must sacrifice themselves to carry the light of science to this world, it would be hard, of course, but they work we could thenk for everything we have in this life - washing machines, mobile phones... etc..... We should be thankful to these eccentrics people for the fact that our lives have become more comfortable and easier.

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