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Join Date: 11 Jul 2015
Location: Midlothian
Posts: 185
Elemental Correspondences

I need to come up with my take on the elements and then merge them with all the associations i can think of.

So my own personal keywords as i myself subjectively see the element (still based on what i have read, obviously!)
I have worked out pairs of opposites for Fire and Water and then for Air and Earth. Some will repeat, and from there i am to work relationships between them, if i happen to see two or more element together.
For now i don't do that but the potential is there.
I wish i manage to show here how

1)Luminous Dark Luminous Dark
2)Light Heavy Light Heavy
3)Coagula Solve Solve Coagula
4)Hot Cold Hot Cold
5)Cleansing Rotting Cleansing Rotting
6)Dry Wet Dry Wet
7)No see through See through See through No see through
8)Moving Static Moving Static
9)Active Passive Acttive Passive
10)Masculine Feminine Masculine Feminine
11)Gas Fluid Gas Solid
12)Formless Takes shape Takes shape Takes shape
13)Trasformation Generation Comunication Manifestation
14)Fast Slow Fast Slow

I know some of them are silly, maybe too many of them are the same for Active/passive elements and the differentiating ones can't give exact degree of "friendliness.." I think 11th and 12th double couples kind of balance each other.. that was weird in the first place having 2 concording but not the other two. .but then it happened again to have 3 concording and one different and in the right way too!)
I would love to hear what anyone else thinks and also suggestions on how to go about studying.
I ll type in my Quabbalistic associations too, my Astrological (maybe these first.. yeah?), and then Tarot and any other system i have found interesting (runes and celtic trees just from top of my head cause they are part of my practice) then i would love hindu and egyptian since crowley mentions them..
I know it s a lifelong study, but i am young..😆👶😎
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Beira's Avatar
Join Date: 11 Jul 2015
Location: Midlothian
Posts: 185

Here we go with my four-folded selection of keywords for the astrological attributions of the elements.
I heave choose them thinking of the element as a person that has a very strong presence of one single element in their chart. Obviously no one (i think) belongs to an element alone, we are all multy layered blends..
But here are my own personal building blocks :
1)Optimistic Pessimistic Optimistic Pessimistic
2)Revolutionary Conservative Innovative Reactionary
3)Passionate Sentimental Cerebral Pragmatic
4)Cutting-edge engineer Therapist Lawyer Banker
5)Keep busy Gets upset Gathers info Gets ready
6)Content Form Image Substance
7)Trasforms Adapts Trasforms Stabilizes
8)Irrational Irrational Rational Rational
9)Orgasm Heart Brain Body
10)Action Emotion Tought Matter
11)Company Solitude Company Solitude
12)Aggressive Reflessive Comunicative Receptive
13)Destroyer Destroyer Builder Builder
14)Consumes Embraces Understands Foundates

N 4 are jobs that i think are likely to be choosen by each element type
N 5 are their reaction to a stressful situation
N 6 refers to the elements themselves, not to a person, so maybe i should move them in the previous post

Coming to planetary attributions i have found different traditions, as usual
The ones that works best for me is having first of all a main planet for each element.
They are:
SUN for Fire (the Self, actions, consciousness, creativity, masculine) DEITY: Morrigan, Apollo
MOON for Water (unconscious, feelings, shadows, intuition, dark feminine) DEITY: Manannan, Hecate
MERCURY for Air (unpredictable, fast, change, comunication, ideas) DEITY: Lugh, Hermes
JUPITER for Earth. (vast, slow, reliable, ruler) DEITY: Dagda, Zeus

The other planets get double elements:
MARS : Fire + Air
VENUS: Water + Earth
SATURN : Water + Air
URANUS : Fire + Earth
NEPTUNE: Water + Fire
PLUTO : Air + Earth
From Saturn on I went about giving the "enemies" combinations to the outer planets
And the "neuter" combinations have been choosen by giving Water to Saturn

I would love to hear what other people think of this.

Questions: do Houses and aspects in astrology relate to elements? (Eg . Is there a "fiery" house or aspect?)

Next time, Quabalistic attributions
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