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ravenest's Avatar
Join Date: 02 Feb 2006
Location: NSW, Australia
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Here . regarding 'angels' or archangels, the majority are more familiar with the the 4 used in the LBRP ... and any Latter Christian developed out of Judaism angelic concepts. I find contemporary westerners very familiar with them, but of course I cannot speak for Sweden.

I dont really think any university study of Hebrew is necessary to be able to comprehend the angels or the Hebrew used in the GBRP .

Well, I suppose Graeco-Roman philosophy includes the Egyptian, Zoroastrian / Zurvanite /Magi influence to that 3 way mix?

I, personally, could not use Hercules in any way or form except as his example as a failure and one not being able to be admitted to the greater mysteries ( and the only reason he got into the 'lesser' ones was they made these special lesser ones for him with training wheels on because he wasnt going to be admitted to any mystery school ... as his is a story of ego and failure).

However I certainly and continuously invoke Psyche (one of the names used in the early version of the Star Ruby )

Caaw! Arrk arrk arrrrrrrrr
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Join Date: 26 Sep 2014
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Originally Posted by foolMoon View Post
I think I am quite happy with my present definition of the True Will, which is Love. One could write it as "thE truE wilL or lovE, and it is up to her / him. Nothing wrong with that. But it is interesting to know what other people's version of the True Will is, and why.

Of course, my present definition of tHe truE wilL will evolve through time, and also I do reckon other peoples' will too. The unpredictability of what will come to just adds to curiosity and more interests on the studying and learning the topic. Meanwhile discussion, reading and learning will continue.
You are up from up North? you might be interested in this - Dr Shoemaker is giving a talk on Will, Fri Sept 18th in Norwich
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Join Date: 30 Apr 2014
Location: Garden of Light
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Originally Posted by smw View Post
You are up from up North? you might be interested in this - Dr Shoemaker is giving a talk on Will, Fri Sept 18th in Norwich
Yep, I am further up north than there. I have the book by the speaker, but have not had a chance to read it yet. If I am nearby the place at the time, I would definitely go for the talk. Thank you for your info and the link though

The universe, including the thinker, exists only by virtue of the thinker's thought. - Crowley, Berashith, Book Four.
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Originally Posted by foolMoon View Post
The question prompted me, when I saw and read a few instructions about LBRP by posters on youtube, and then when I read instructions in the book (downloaded from internet) by Israel Regardie, The Golden Dawn: An Account of the Teachings, Rites and Ceremonies of the Order of the Golden Dawn.

The instruction in Regardie's book on LBRP seem somewhat different from other instructions, so I was wondering, if there are variations on LBRP, and if so, how and why? Also are there any general points to note in practicing LBRP, if any, for novice.

And if any of you, do practice the LBRP these days? or have done in the past?, and if so, what are your thoughts, feels and experiences from it. If not, why not …. etc etc

There do seem to be many variations. I am starting with Israel Regardie himself on YouTube, another one I can't remember off hand the name of but it is really good and pretty similar and Dr Shoemaker's LBRP podcast. He uses Aiwass at the heart of the cabbalistic cross, which surprisingly has clicked with me. Apparently Crowley stopped teaching this use in later life. I reference Liber O as well, it makes more sense for me this way.

I haven't done the whole thing properly yet, though Already I have felt supercharged after just doing the cross, like a Christmas tree lighting up . Unfortunately, I have also had outbursts of particularly bad temper as well.

My journal is also chaotic. I only started on Monday and have managed to lose a day already somehow and splashed it with water so the ink has run and it looks like a dog's dinner.

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Join Date: 26 Sep 2014
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~double post~

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Beira's Avatar
Join Date: 11 Jul 2015
Location: Midlothian
Posts: 197

I intend to practice it since after my year and a day studying the Thoth deck, I came to the conclusion that some ritual would help me get more control over my naive magick and thus get a step forward in my spiritual path.
I do feel a call to help others, I feel I could do well as an holistic healer. Bust most of the healing I do on myself, even tho being based in my pagan background, is still too instinctive for me to be able to know how to apply it to others.
Practicing instead a structured system, that happens to have so many similarity with my own practice and a very compatible foundational philosophy can't help but do good to my maglickal skills and spiritual growth.
I have felt akqward for a long while, and now that I feel ready I am glad to have taken the time to let this thing blossom.
I am positive I want to start.
I made my first at work, since I felt that a more neutral environment. Since the whole building has not been cast in the depths of the Abyss, I would like to perform it regularly, at home and (why not) outside, and I am starting from AT to look for comments and opinions and also about the variations, since the one I have tried was extremely basic.
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Join Date: 11 Jul 2015
Location: Midlothian
Posts: 197

I did it!!!!
I finally performed one at home but got the archangels wrong. I finished anyway mentioning all the fouro of them, only sfter the first I went in circle again instead of front, back and THEN sides..
I trust it will be seen it was unintentional.. I was careless maybe (should have studied better), but I never intended offence or anything bad.
When I realized my mistake, I finished the ritual mentioning all of the angels but in the wrong order and then I stopped a bit meditating (and apologizing to the archangels and the elements) and started all over in the right order.
Any comment if i did this right would be welcome: what should one do when he realizes he has done a mistake in the reciting of a ritual, the LBRP in particular?
I have visualized very clearly Raphael as the RWS Temperance angel, Michael as armoured.
While meditating it came up a quite cartoonish eagle with her hooves (are an eagles nails called hooves? I live in Scotland since a long while now, but those little differences still challange my vocabulary..) stretched as to catch a prey (out of sight) close to a wall that I feel was a tower.
After that, in another phase/moment of the vision, a head of a rat, or bat, with big rodent or bird eye... going more for a bird like an owl of some unusual specie, yes, another bird..
In the last few days I have often been walking on the canal close to home and noticed young birds with their peculiar feathers and also migrants. Need to check associations..
Very happy with visualizations.
I had to repeat the whole thing in my mind to get the better effects, but only after having done it phisically too. I think I'll keep at that.
Remote moved while was doing preliminary meditation; I hit a spoon and had it fall just as I was moving out at the end of the closure QC.

Anyway to me it's more important/vivid the astral part. It has stayed with me far better..
I understand now when AC says that he goes all the way through his rituals in his head... GREAT!
;-) looks the LRBP killed my broadband connection too!!! LOL

Last edited by Beira; 18-10-2016 at 09:22. Reason: my mistake and recovery didn't sound as it should, so added smthng to make things clearer
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