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Join Date: 30 Jan 2015
Location: Spain
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21 ways - Step SIX: Shadowscapes Tarot

I'm doing this excercise with the Shadowscapes Tarot and my chosen card is the Queen of wands:

Part 1:
Wands: Fire- energy, taking action, risk.
Cups: Water-communication, moods, inner processes.
Swords: Air- struggle, decisions, problem-solving.
Pentacles: Earth-value, instincts, fruits of labor.

May car comes from the Wands suit and I think it fits risk. Commanding people not always ends as you wish but the risk may sure worth it.

Part 2:
Courts are about attitude or personalities.
Number are about situations or specific actions.
Major are about life journey and existential lessons.
Aces are about beginnings.

My card is from courts and I think it means an attitude towards people. A way to guide others peacefully.
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21 Ways - Step SIX

My deck is the Silicon Dawn. In this deck, Wands are Earth and Pents are Fire.

Swords - Air: struggle, analysis, pessimism, reasoning, logic

Cups - Water: joy, nourishment, imagination, melancholy, psychic ability

Wands - Earth: countryside, career, desire, material growth, security

Pentacles - Fire: daring, action, energy, status, youth

To me, this Fool looks like it belongs to cups. I see imagination, intuition, and creativity. Since she's pregnant, it reminds me of nourishment. A tad bit of swords, with her reading the book - analysis. And the fox barking at her signals fear to me. This Fool seems like she's stubborn - she's going to press on with her crazy idea no matter what!

Part 2:
Aces - new opportunities, potential

Court cards - a person, aspect of personality, style of acting, way of relating to others

Number Cards - situation, actions, what is going on

Major Arcana - Psychospiritual needs, lessons, archetypal energies

My card is from the Majors. This means it's about a higher life lesson & something important to my growth and development as a person.
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Join Date: 11 Jul 2015
Location: Midlothian
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21 ways - Step 6


I have worked in a different way on this step, but my exercise brought some insight so here I am to share..

I looked at the elemental attributes of the suits and I matched them with my understanding of my card.

The set that look more resonant to me was that of Water, in particular: nurturing, receptive, emphatic, flowing, merging. Sadly none of the mentioned traditions in the book attributes Water to the Universe..

I can understand it gets attribution of Earth because of her position on the 32 paths of the Tree of Life as connection between Yesod and Malkouth. The keywords from the book that I find relevant are sensuous and productive. I can stretch to practical in relation to the ultimate manifestation of matter in reality; to dependable, persevering and even stubborn because of the ciclicity of the whole process of completition/rebirth.
On the other hand, I would consider a word as nurturing as resonant with the element of Earth.

It is also interesting to notice that what Mary calls the egyptian tradition attributes the element of Fire to the Universe. From this set I consider suitable keywords radiant, energetic, wilful. Creativity is not mentioned and I would add it from my own list cause of the affinity of the Fire with action and renewal.
As the last of the Majors I would mention it's resonance with the element of Spirit even if it does not get mentioned in this exercise.

Regarding duality, both Earth and Water are both feminine and I agree with this attribute for the card.
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Join Date: 11 Jul 2015
Location: Midlothian
Posts: 197
21 ways - Step 6 2nd try


New idea/inspiration/project. Taking action. Enthusiasm/passion
Nurturing (also of emotions/ideas). Feelings/emotions. Inner processes/growth.
Mental processes/strategy; communication; ruthless will.
Full fruition/final result/manifestation; maferiality/fruits of labours; grounded.

Part 2
Using these keywords I see how At XXI gets attribution of Earth, but this has been done after a couple of day looking at the various attributions for the elements in magick and witchcraft, so I guess I choose the keywords affected but what majors I wanted to make fit the elementsame. . Kinda cheet.. sorry!


COURTS: Style of acting/attitude; energy personified
NUMBERS :What is going on
MAJORS: Lesson to be learned
ACES: Realm/sphere the reading is about

My card is a major teaching the life lesson of completition.

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pirata fantástica
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step 6

Ceccoli - King of Wands

the elements:

Wands: Inspiration, energy, creativity
Cups: Emotions, moods, imagination
Swords: strategy, pain, conflicts
Pentacles: manifestation, fruition, skill

Keywords for chosen card:
energy and courage & strategy and conflict

Keywords for the Modes:
Court: Who? A way of relating to others. A person.
Number cards: What? The situation. Actions. What is going on.
Majors: Why? The cause. A lesson to be learned.
Aces: Where? New opportunities. Elemental energies.

My chosen card comes from the mode of the court. This means that he may represent a particular person or the way I relate to others, using my inspiration, creativity and ambition.
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