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21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- step ONE

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Herbal Tarot: Ace of swords

A large sword held by a hand coming from clouds. There is a crown worn on the top of the sword. The background is optimistically blue bright. In this deck each card connected with a specific herb that treats medical conditions related to the message of the card. This card is CHAMOMILE, a simple but beautiful plant that grows from the bottom waves and up. It stands before the crowned sword. Together they create a beautiful composition.
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Step one

Heart of Stars Tarot the devil card. On this card is Jabba the Hutt who has red eyes happy that he has Leia who he has dressed in a gold bikini chained by him as a troply while he sits on his "throne". She looks downward looking very sad, hoping to be rescued soon.
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21 Ways - Step One

Step one

Rider-Waite: Judgement

An angel blows his trumpet while people stand up in their coffins with their arms outstretched.

My card is 20 the card of Judgement.
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21 Ways: Step one

RWS:18 Moon

This card is The Moon:-)

In the card a long path is coming down from within the mountains into a pond where there is a crayfish.The wolf and dog are howling at the moon. The moon is shining bright in the sky and the moon is right in between the card with two towers on each side
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Step One

I am a Johnny-come-lately. My deck is Radiant RW. I've deliberately chosen the Fool, and after I complete the 21 steps for the Fool, I'll move on the rest of the deck. Yes, a lifetime of studying the Tarot!
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step one

Ceccoli Tarot - King of Wands

A blond girl in a long red dress, lifts her skirt and surprise surprise, there are no legs. A half-girl. Out comes a small green dragon, a cute one, that spits fire. A small man in uniform is laying on the grounds.

The landscape is barren, the sky is cloudy.
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Step One: Tarot for Beginners, THE TOWER

Tarot for Beginners deck, THE TOWER.

A tower is rising up out of a raging sea. There is a large crack running from the top down about a third of the way. The sky is grey and full of stormclouds and jagged yellow lightning is striking around the tower, so that the top is on fire. The tower is crumbling into the sea. Two figures have fallen from the top, falling towards the water. On the left a woman in a blue dress is falling headfirst towards the water, screaming, looking shocked. On the right a man in red is falling, his hands flung up towards the sky. Below them the stormy waters thrash against the bottom of the tower, threatening to drag it into the sea.
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Step one

Centennial RWS
Queen of Wands
Confident woman, emblazoned in bright, fiery colors. Fierce feline energy emitting from the lions in her tapestries and black cat. Her sunflower in hand is bright.
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21 Ways, Trip 1, Revelations.

Step ONE: Revelations, King of Swords.

The king is very royal. He is purple, and has a dignified beard. He looks very wise. His wings are solid and strong, having thick muscular metallic leading edges clasped together blocking and deflecting anything that would take him from behind. He has intricate tatoos all over his body, they look like warpaint or tiger stripes. He is calm but prepared holding his sword in front of him.

His legs are interlocked with his shadow self. His shadows tattoos have morphed and now appear to be more defensive looking.His wings are shattered but still holding together, their thick front edges are now thinned and bowed, letting the full moon peak through. his face is blocked by his sword which he holds up with both hands, one on the hilt and the other flat against the back of the blade.

It is interesting that this card came up, because earlier I just had a bonding experience with my Tabula Mundi deck where the Prince of Swords came to be my significantor. It was awesome to have the equivalent card be the first draw I made after my first time shuffling it. It's interesting that my tabula deck has the Knight in the king space and I picked the Prince from that deck, which seems to have a very very similar meaning in that system as the King of this deck. I looked at the knight, and like the knight/king in tabula it didn't really jump out to me much.
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Step ONE: Shadowscapes Tarot - six of wands

A tall man standing on an mythical animal carved in stone, its tail forming a Fibonacci spiral. some branches can be see behind the man and the statue he's on. the man holds a wand like a spear in his left hand, while his right arm is stretched out and holds a laurel crown.

you can see it here:
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