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21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- step TWO

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Silicon Dawn - The Fool

The sun is low, casting a red and orange glow to the hazy sky. a A red cloud is sitting in front of the sun. There are other thin yellow clouds further above the horizon. Stars dot the upper left hand corner of the sky. My skin is dark & my belly is large, and I am wearing a court jester's outfit of red and green stripes. One of my shoes is blue, the other green. My skirt is black and I'm wearing a backpack and a tool hangs from my hip. My butterfly wings are barely visible. I'm on a cliff - one of my legs is on it, while my other leg is outstretched over the edge. There are some small plants on the face of the cliff. I'm holding a book and looking down at it. There are some pages in the air next to me and behind me. Two small ball-like objects are also in the air. A fiery animal - could be a dog, fox, wolf, or cat - is behind me with its tail up and mouth open.
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21 Ways - step two

Radiant Rider Waite Tarot - The sun

The sun is card number XIX. The sky is a clear blue and the sun is out and shining bright. The sun rays are both straight and curvy and extend to the corners of the card. The sun takes up most of the top space of the card. I am the beautiful white horse with a greyish mane and tail. I seem to be walking straight and looking ahead though my face is slightly tilted to the right. A young human child is riding me. He/she is naked and sitting with arms and feet spread wide in a sort of open embrace. The child seems to have a slight smile and is wearing a crown of yellow flowers with a red feather. The child has lovely yellow (blonde) hair and is holding a long red flag in its left hand. The flag ripples down to the bottom of the card. We are walking in front of a grey wall. The wall is tall and has four sun flowers peeking out from behind it. The sunflowers are fully open and facing my back. The flowers are taller than the wall and taller than me. The flowers have full green leaves and add to the brightness of the card.
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Tarot of Vampyres - Four of Grails

I find it very easy to get lose in the images of this deck. It's my favorite so far (and I've been collecting for about twenty-six years) and it's an incredibly rich deck and easy to get immersed in.

My Step 1 is here (or else I'll wind up describing the image a second time).

The mortal woman in the image is a virgin, a sacrifice to the vampire lord who has a great deal of power over her. He's in love with her, and he expresses his love for her by taking her life into himself. He has no plans to make her a vampire because he wants to keep her pure.

Incense burns in the background to comfort the both of them. He reminds me of Lestat, in love with mortals and unable to let his love go even when it destroys them.

The Chimera in the background is, in fact, alive and not a statue, and protects him in the deed because it is what the girl wants, but perhaps not the end her family would have had for her. He represents more than death to her. He is love as well, and she makes the final sacrifice to be a part of that love.

(Just another quick note that this is a Thoth deck and not a RWS deck. I'm still learning, and I hope that I'm okay to be using this deck here. I can switch, as I also have a Hanson-Roberts deck at present.)
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21 ways - Step 2


I am a huge drowsy serpent and I think I just came out of the big eye. I have coiled twice: once around the warm, yellow ray (and on this coil my body has bright stars on it); the second time I coil on something more cold, like a black egg, coming out of a slimmer dark ray from the eye (and around this coil my body glows with some greenish swirls that create a five pointed star around my egg).
I think I exist to bring those things into existence, maybe with the help (despite?!?) of the beautiful woman that is with me here.
She is hugging my tail with an hand, but she has a kind of a hook in the other hand.
She is nacked and beautiful, and she is dancing floating as me in this environment.
I don't trust her, she better leave me alone!
I am attracted by the stars and I would like to travel on the zodiac belt and feel all the stars on my body.
The woman is not entirely friendly, with that hook and her foot on my head.
But I am strong and ageless, and she is only human, so I forgive her cause she doesn't know what she is doing..
Four faces are outside the belt at the corner, and water is coming out of them.
There is a blueprint of a building underneath me and the lady.
I feel I need to wake up or she will end up hurting me without even realize it..
Can I get a snake-coffee anywhere? In the building maybe?..
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Medicine Woman Tarot ~ the Seeker (HP's)

The moon is shining through the leaves of the old banyan tree. I am sitting by the sacred river of my island, deep in thought, when I hear someone coming. I turn to look, and I see a Seeker approaching. I myself am also a Seeker but there are many kinds of Seekers. I think one way or another we are all Seekers here on this earth. I´m the keeper of this sacred place and it is my duty to see that this place remains as it is and as it has always been. Seekers are welcome and you are free to enter but quietly and with reverence.
I´m holding Aphrodite´s sacred mirror in my hand, the one that is thousands of years old and that was passed on to me by the Ancestors. In the mirror I sometimes see myself, sometimes the face of the Goddess herself and sometimes just mist. When another Seeker comes to visit me in my sacred grove I sometimes see things in the mirror, special messages for Seekers.
As you can see ferns and flowers are abundant on my island. I love wearing flowers on my long dark hair and I´ve put the pink Hibiscus over my left ear to signal that I´m taken. That´s how I felt this morning, but truth be told, I may feel differently on another day.
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21 Ways:Step 2:RWS 18 The Moon

I have chosen the moon card

Description:-in this card there is night time .it does not appear to be exact night time as sky appears to be blue and there is half moon within the sun which is shining bright .it appears as if it is both night and day at the same time as if times have merged .some flakes of fire are falling down from sun/moon.there are two towers on the right and left which are grey in color.far away in the card there is a plateau like land preferably the mountains.from the mountains is coming a path which leads to the land and then towards the pond.there is brown colored Scorpio /crayfish in the pond which has both it's hand out of the pond .the crayfish/Scorpio is causing ripples in the pond.the grass on the land is bright green and there are small rocks and plantations on the side of the pond.on the ground there are two animals .one appears to be a dog in light brown color and other appears to be a wolf in yellow color.the dog,wolf and the crayfish all are looking at the sun/moon as if they are waiting for something to happen.the dog and the wolf are appears as if all of them are on an island .
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Deviant Moon - 3 of Pentacles

I have opted for the 3 of Pentacles

As I step into this card I see a stage with plush velvet type curtains in a rich pink purple colour. They are towards the back of the stage and not the fron as you would typically expect. They are held open towards the tops in a tie back or swag manner. The open curtains reveal a sand coloured background with a cresent moon that sits in a U shape rather than a C shape there are hints of stars or dotted lights on the background. There are two pentacles that sit in each corner of the curtains, to the left the pentacle is is grey and brown with a 'marble like texture' to the right the pentacle is brown and cream and has a 'stone' like texture.

In front of the curtains and on the stage there a 3 figures/people. Two are stood up facing each other and the other is sat on a box facing to the right.They are all working on each other. The figure to the left is dressed in black armoury type clothing and has a hat to match that forms a 'widows peak'. They only have 3 toes and I can only see one side of their face. This figure is drawing a face on the back of the persons head who is sat down (facing right sat on the box) Thier cresent shaped moon face looks studious and they focused they are wearing make up, red lip stick and dramatic eye liner.

The second figure facing to the left is working on the first figure. This figure apears female and is made of blue/grey stone the head is round with no other facial features other than an eye. She is painting the left figure head (the tip of the cresent moon) with red paint and it is dripping like blood. The stone figure has skulls and cross bones etched in to her skin.

The third figure is in front of the other two is facing right, and is sat on a green box with carved out cathedral type windows in front of the box is the third penatcle and it appears to have a dark brown earthy texture with a gold penagram on it. This male figure is smaller than the others and has wings that look like stone. He too only has 3 toes and the other foot is a hand. He is working on the stone female figure and is carving out an 'eye' with a chisel and hammer. He has the same makeup as the first figure. His head is more human form and appears to have a stud in his ear. The belly button appears open and his legs dangle freely as he works on the stone woman.
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step two

Ceccoli Tarot - King of Wands

I am a girl in the middle of nowhere. The land is dry, the air is filled with dust. Bad weather is coming. There is light, but no sun to see.
I am furious with rage, and I can release my companion which will take care of anything that annoys me.
My anger is huge, but I don't need to release a nasty, ugly beast of terror. I don't have to yell or make faces. Releasing the beast is all it takes to get my revenge.

I am a little dragon. I look cute, but I can breathe fire. The man in front of me is tiny. He is scared of me. I must be big. The girl must be even bigger. We look innocent, but we can be scary, too.

I am the girl and the dragon. I might as well be the man. This is a serious battle.
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STEP 2: Tarot for beginners, THE TOWER

I am falling towards the water, screaming with terror and disbelief. Everything is falling down and I can't understand how it's happening, how this has happened to me. I was in my tower, safe from the raging sea but now the heavens have opened above us. The clouds have gathered all around me and when the lightning came I tried to hide away in my tower and tell myself that I was safe but my tower caught fire. My husband is falling too and I always thought he could save me. We had to jump, towards the water because the tower is on fire and cracking. Shaking and pieces falling into the water. To stay is to die. To jump and fall is perhaps to die too but maybe not. I am falling towards it face first so I can see the water coming towards me. My husband is still looking up at the sky, as if something can save him; as if he can't bring himself to look at the water. I can't believe this is happening to us who were safe in our tower but soon I will hit the icy water. Whether I survive what happens next depends on me and my own strength. My husband is divided from me, on the other side of the tower. Maybe we will find each other in the water or maybe we will carry on alone, trying to survive. Maybe something is out there in the water, out of view that can save us, if we can only stay afloat.
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HoneyandtheMoon  HoneyandtheMoon is offline
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Step 2

I am sitting on a throne with my back very straight and my chest held forward. My chin is held high with a large golden crown upon my head. I grip the wand in my right hand and a bright sunflower in my left hand. My legs are parted, and firmly set on the ground, in position to be ready to act, or I must be channeling a masculine energy to sit like a king while wearing a gown. My familiar black cat sits at my feet, as my aid and close confidant. My gown is flowing in bright yellow gold colors, that reflect the light of day.
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