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Constellation of the Magician

The Constellation of the Magician:
The Principle of Will and Focused Consciousness
Magician – Wheel of Fortune – Sun – Aces – Tens

Keywords: Communication. Self consciousness. Individualization. Self-expression. Initiative. At-one-ment. Originality.

The Magician represents both the intellect’s ability to examine the environment and the power of the intellect to mold that environment to something that’s more to his liking if he doesn’t like what he sees. Thoth represents the mind that is put to constructive, productive and creative uses such as the creation of time, the invention of hieroglyphs and the manifestation of divine will on the material plain. He also suggests the harnessing of the elementary principles from which everything else is created. The pyramid was constructed to be a conduit for the soul up to the heavens. It takes an act of will to use the pyramid as a path down from heaven to earth.

The Wheel of Fortune represents the will of the universe, a will that creates and then destroys what has been created in a never-ending cycle. This process brings change, but it also brings progress. Man’s perception of this process is that it’s random. Man also assigns labels such as good and bad, calamitous and fortuitous and positive and negative to a process that is none of these things. The spokes of the wheel correspond to the number of sephiroth in the Tree of Life which in turn represents the manifestation of everything in the universe.

The Sun represents the mind that knows the difference between ignorance and enlightenment, that can think clearly and whose thoughts bring advancement. It is the mind that knows its own wisdom and its role in burning away the conventions of the past. This mind is typified by child-like innocence and purity, symbolizing beginnings and abundant possibilities.

As basic skills, the Ace Wands represents creativity, originality and conceptualizing. One could focus these energies in areas that require power, action, enthusiasm, a spark, a kick start or fertilization. One “does” with the Ace Wands.

As developed skills, the 10 Wands represents determination, being overly dramatic and being a professional victim. The result of taking the Wands principle to its extreme in the 10 is being overburdened, being spread thin by one’s responsibilities, not being in control of the situation in which one finds oneself, chaos, anger and frustration, and illumination and enlightenment. As the end of one cycle and the start of another, the 10 indicates oppression that kick starts one onto a new path, being spread too thin and changing that situation, experiencing chaos and using force to turn chaos into order, anger and frustration that are turned into enthusiasm, and illumination and knowledge that causes one to act.

As basic skills, the Ace Cups represents intuition, imagination, being able to conceive, artistic abilities, and nurturing. One could focus these energies in areas that require the power of the unconscious, romance, compassion, nourishing, and friendship. One “feels” with the Ace Cups.

As developed skills, the 10 Cups represents sociability and mastery of artistic abilities. The result of taking the Cups principle to its extreme in the 10 is living life to the fullest, having an active imagination, being intuitive, experiencing good fortune in relationships and love, and making a living through the use of one’s artistic skills. As the end of one cycle and the start of another, the 10 represents the importance of friends and family being passed to the next generation, one’s artistic abilities inspiring another to pursue their own abilities and nurturing one’s active imagination, which in turn enhances one’s ability to conceive.

As basic skills, the Ace Swords represents the ability to think things through, coming up with new ideas, being disciplined and being rational. One could focus these energies in areas that require justice and authority, strength, the power of the mind, the ability to cut to the heart of the matter, truth, vigilance, courage and decisiveness. One “thinks” with the Ace Swords.

As developed skills, the 10 Swords represents being a criminal, interfering with the awakening of the subconscious mind and knowing when to cut the ties that bind. The result of taking the Swords principle to its extreme in the 10 is ruin, loss, betrayal and taking what doesn’t belong to one. As the end of one cycle and the start of another, the 10 represents ruin and loss that makes one think of new ideas and betrayal that makes one consider what happened and why.

As basic skills, the Ace Disks represents the ability to accumulate, to build, to maintain, to endure, to develop, to grow and to prosper. One could focus these energies in areas that require power and wealth, that deal with comfort and contentment, that require steadfastness, that need a firm foundation from which to build, that require permanence and stability and that require practicality. One “makes” with the Ace Disks.

As developed skills, the 10 Disks represents the ability to accumulate wealth and advice from a wise elder. The result of taking the Disks principle to its extreme in the 10 is wealth that is passed from generation to generation, the suggestion of permanence and a legacy that is passed on. As the end of one cycle and the start of another, the 10 represents wealth that is further built upon, a family that grows larger with each succeeding generation and a legacy that is built on and maintained by one’s heirs.


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