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Mythic Tarot - Knight Pentacles

Aristaeus is mounted upon his horse. In one hand he holds a pentacle and in the other he holds a sheaf of wheat. Sheep and beehives can be seen in the background.

  • was known as “Guardian of the Flocks”
  • son of Apollo by a mortal woman, he was given to the Earth Mother, who fed him on nectar and ambrosia
  • he was taught how to curdle milk for cheese, build beehives and grow olives by the dryads (tree-nymphs)
  • was taught the arts of healing and prophecy by the Muses, who set him to watch over their sheep
  • he cured a plague that had befallen the island of Keos by putting to death murderers who were living in secret among the islanders
  • when his bees began dying mysteriously, his mother told him to find the old sea-god Proteus, who could explain the reason; because Aristaeus had caused the accidental death of his sister-in-law Eurydice, he was being punished by the gods; after sacrificing various beasts to the offended deities, a swarm of bees arose from the animal’s carcasses; he captured them and put them into a hive
  • the human capacity for industry and diligent service
  • lover of the countryside and friend of animals and all wild creatures
  • one for whom no task is too menial as long as it serves nature
  • one whose aims are limited but who is kind and dependable and willing to work long and hard for matters that are close to his heart
  • humility and the ability to relate to the humblest forms of life
  • always wanting to learn more about the varied and complex faces of nature
  • one with realistic and humble aims
  • conscientious
  • has a calm and practical way of dealing with situations
  • the search for industry
  • hardworking, pays attention to details
  • helpful, unassuming and dependable nature, yet can be overly fussy, nitpicky and indecisive
  • shy and modest, they shun the limelight, preferring to work quietly behind the scenes
  • methodical, painstaking and industrious, they can master the intricacies of any subject they choose to tackle
Random Thoughts
  • “God don’t like ugly” (something my mother used to say to me when I misbehaved as a child)
  • setting the bar low enough to always reach it
  • being happy dealing with the small stuff

They keyword/phrase I came up with in my workbook on 18Aug91 was "contentment and achievement".


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