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Starlight, Chaos, Glitter
seedcake's Avatar
Join Date: 20 Jan 2014
Location: Orion Constellation
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Not many people in this place right now but anyway, I'm going to put my thoughts about this deck here.

I've read the passage from the LWB about The Fool. I think this one makes a perfect sense. At some point when I look at this card I don't think I can see myself as any figure in the card - not this weird child, or a chicken, or even one of the rats. I'm more of the bystander who looks at the whole situation. The decision if I'm going to be a rat is ongoing. So still, I have a choice but I'm the moment when I can still stop myself. The child looks pretty scary to be honest - I believe it's a child but with too much experience from life.
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Originally Posted by RunningWild View Post
I don't see the Pied Piper as the most important point of the card. It's the melody he plays to lure the rats. Not that I particulary want to associate myself or anyone else as being a rat, but the melody is what they follow. The don't know the piper from Adam. The rats are following the melody, the rhythm of their hearts. What melodies lead you down the road?

I see the chicken as a dare. It's staring at the piper. When we really want something or want to experience something, there's always that nagging voice in our heads...sometimes we listen, sometimes we strangle it to silence. But always, that voice is in the background. The chicken, perspectively, stands behind the piper.
Very good! Yes, I also think that it seems to about whether we want to follow the piper's melody or not. We're looking in from afar.

Inta hayati, inta habibi, inta hayati, inta habibti.
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Pam O 
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Join Date: 27 Jul 2008
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A question crosses my mind:

How can I "play" a tune and attract/get what I want?
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Cosmological Psychologist...
Aeon.of.Horus's Avatar
Join Date: 10 Mar 2015
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I still see innocence....!

let us look again at this....

This card is very Pied Piper of Hamelin. Now, in that story the villagers didn't pay and so the Piper took all of their children...
This is in all its innocence of the child here taking on a job under the assumption that he would be rewarded. Never did it enter his/her mind that they would be conned, ripped off and not get paid.
so here we have the Pied piper undertaking his first job and soon to learn his/her first major lesson on this journey through life. That is not to fully trust anyone no matter who they are. keep your innocence but don't never allow others to take advantage of it!

The chicken is also symbolic of innocence by way of sacrifice, many cultures sacrifice chickens, Voodoo, Druids, and soothsayers also read their entrails most frequently. but here we don't see the chicken as a sacrificial animal about to be slaughtered, no, instead we see it tethered. So my understanding of this symbol is that you should never sacrifice your innocence and give way to the ills that have befallen you on the path, but instead keep it tethered and close.

The flower is if I am not mistaken a pink forget me not ....
Pink = Love
Forget me not is also symbolic of Love.
Love = Innocence

Forget-me-not (Myosotis species)
Forget-me-not is said to have been given its name from a German legend of a knight who falls into a river whilst picking it and calls out to his lady not to forget him. The name is used in many of the languages of Europe and is frequently used a symbol of love.

I think that sometimes we look far too deep into things and miss what are right in front of our eyes.
Can't see the woods for the tree's so to speak


One for sorrow, Two for mirth,
Three for a wedding, Four for a birth.
Five for rich, Six for poor,
Seven for a witch -- I can tell you no more.

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Vampire? & is the Magician the fool grown up?

Okay -- it occurred to me that Ludy meant she resisted the lure of the vampires ---- and the Fool -- pied piper is a metaphor for vampires and how they have such allure -- and once bitten you are committed to follow. I found (somewhere on the web) that one Pied Piper story had 130 of the town's children taken to Transylvania -- and a reference to the Piper being a vampire -- so now I think Ludy is referring to that type of scenario.

Whaddya think?
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magicjack's Avatar
Join Date: 17 Feb 2013
Location: San Fransisco CA USA
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I can see not many have been around in awhile. It's taken me a long time to get this deck because I never thought I would like it. To my surprise, I think it is a great deck. It was nice to see a study group for it.

So back to the Fool card. Taking In consideration of what a fool card means and what the LWB says I see it as do not follow the music that has got everyone hypnotiised like the mice are doing.. obviously the chicken followed and it didn't end to well. So I think the card is saying to go with what you want and not pay attention to others and don't be fooled by others. Be a free spirit and take a chance on what you think you should do, not what others influence you to do.

I just know that something good is gonna happen..... I don't know when....but just saying it could even make it happen...Hounds of Love
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