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Oujupah Unveiled
roppo's Avatar
Join Date: 12 May 2004
Location: Japan
Posts: 1,172

Ancient Tarots of Marseille (LS)
Ancient Tarot de Marseille (Grimaud)
Tarot Classic (USG)
Les Tarots Marseille de Jean Noblet (Flornoy)
Tarot Rhenan (Piatnik)

1JJ Swiss (USG)
Ancient Taots of Liguria-Piedmont(LS)
The Classic Tarot(LS)

Tarot de Paris (Grimaud)
Tarot Vieville (Heron)

Vandenborre Bacchus Tarot (USG)

Ancient Minchiate Etruria (LS)

J.Gaudais (Fournier)

Grand Etteilla (Grimaud)
Jeu de la Princesse Tarot (Dusserre)

"When you got it, flaunt it!"
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Citizen's Avatar
Join Date: 15 Jul 2006
Location: Merging Dreaming Waking
Posts: 1,530

I am only beginning this journey,
so I can say,
The Hadar TdM, many thanks to lunakasha and the trading forum.

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Dusk Till Dawn 
Dusk Till Dawn's Avatar
Join Date: 28 Oct 2008
Location: Find what you LOVE and let it Kill you. 'Bukowski'
Posts: 5,680

Sola Busca
Master Vacchetta
Cary Yale Visconi
Visconti Sforza Tarot
Vandenborre Bacchus Tarot
Scapini Tarot

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Permanent Resident of Halloween Town
WolfyJames's Avatar
Join Date: 08 Sep 2003
Location: Québec, Canada
Posts: 3,922

Ancient Enlightened Tarot "Sola-Busca"
Golden Tarot of the Renaissance (Estensi Tarot) (partly historical)
Tarot de Marseille Fournier

Jeu du Destin Antique
French Cartomancy (Petit LeNormand)
Jeu Lenormand (Petit Lenormand Carta Mundi with poems)
Sibilla Della Zingara
Sibilla Oracle Cards (or Parlour Sybil or Sibille des Salons)

El Desdichado (by Nerval)
Je suis le ténébreux, - le veuf, - l'inconsolé,
Le Prince d'Aquitaine à la tour abolie:
Ma seule étoile est morte, - et mon luth constellé
Porte le soleil noir de la Mélancolie.
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Michaelmassage1's Avatar
Join Date: 24 Mar 2009
Location: missouri, United States
Posts: 21
none yet but learning

Well I don't have any at this time, being new just learning what's out there. I will add some of these to my wish list!
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karenquilter's Avatar
Join Date: 30 Dec 2007
Location: Washington, USA
Posts: 2,940

Visconti mini (Lo Scarabeo)
Ancient Tarots of Lombardy
Soprafino (Il Meneghello)
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sapienza's Avatar
Join Date: 27 Oct 2001
Location: Australia
Posts: 3,677

1JJ Swiss
Ancient Italian
Ancient Lombardy
Ancient Minchiate Etruria
Ancient Tarot of Bologna
Book of Thoth Etteilla
Classical (Lo Scarabeo)
Marseille (Burdel)
Marseille (Burdel) mini
Marseille (Conver)
Marseille (Fournier)
Marseille (Grimaud)
Marseille (Grimaud) mini
Vacchetta (Tarot of the Master)
Visconti-Sforza (mini)
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Denizen of the Coalsack Nebula
Bernice's Avatar
Join Date: 07 Dec 2007
Location: Central England
Posts: 3,901

* = 'themed' marseille-style

1JJ Swiss
Ancient Italian - LS
Angel Tarot - Japan
Book of Thoth - Etteilla. LS
*Dame Fortunes Wheel - Paul Huson
*Du Roy Nisanka - Grimaud
Golden Tarot of the Renaissance (Estensi)
J.Gaudais 1860 - Fournier
Noblet full deck - Flornoy
Cards of Nostradamus - LS
Oswald Wirth - US Games
Universal Wirth - LS
Spanish Tarot - Fournier
Tarot of Marseille - Burdel
Vacchetta, Tarot of the Master
Visconti (mini) - LS
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Dancing Bear 
Dancing Bear's Avatar
Join Date: 04 Dec 2005
Location: Living in John Lennons song, Imagine. Nth QLD
Posts: 4,176

MY gosh my list isnt as vast as some in here..
But i do have

Swiss 1JJ (French edition)
Lenormand (AGM)
Visconti Sforza (LS gold)
Book of Thoth Etteilla

Have I not here the best cards for the game.

William Shakespeare
King John
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conversus's Avatar
Join Date: 04 Mar 2007
Location: a people's republic in the west
Posts: 570

My list as of now: (including April 16, 2011 update)

Golden Tarot of the Renaissance-Estensi (Lo Scarabeo)
Visconti-Sforza Tarots (Lo Scarabeo)
Cary-Yale Visconti Tarocchi Deck (US Games)
Pierpont Morgan Visconti Sforza 15th Century Tarocchi Deck (US Games)
Ancient Enlightened Tarot (the Sola Busca)(Lo Scarabeo)

Tarot de Marseille (Jean Noblet/Flornoy)
Tarot De Marseille : Jean Dodal (Flornoy 2009)
Tarot De Marseille : Jean Dodal (Robledo 2010) [2]
Tarot De Marseille (Nicholas Conver/Heron) [2]
CBD Tarot de Marseille (restored Conver: Yoav Ben-Dov 2011)
Tarocchi di Marsiglia -- Conver (Lo Scarabeo. 2001)
Camoin Bicentennial Conver (Thunder Bay, 2003)
Tarot Deck (Camoin Bicentennial -- Larger version than Thunder Bay)
The Tarot Pack (Conver Mini ) ; "reproduced by kind permission of the Worshipful Company of Makers of Playing Cards" :OOP [original specimen similar to but different from the Lo Scarabeo Edition]
Le Tarot de Marseille (Fournier, 1975?)
Spanish Tarot (Fournier)
Ancien Tarot de Marseille --French (Grimaud current dark blue edition)
Ancien Tarot de Marseille --English and French (Grimaud)
Tarot de Marseille (Jodorowsky-Camoin) [2]
Le Veritable Tarot de Marseille (Hadar) [2]
Tarot of Marseilles (Dodal-US Games)
Tarot de Marseille (Krebs) (Piatnik 1984)
Universal Tarot de Marseille (Burdel/Bursten)
Tarot de Marseille <Convos> (AGM)
Tarot de Marseille <Suisse> (AGM)
Tarot De Marsella (Joker - Argentina)
Tarot De Marsella (Rodes and Sanchez)
Le Millenaire Tarot de Marseilles (Chris Butler)
Major Tom's Tarot of Marseilles
Tarot Noir (32/100 by Robyn Tisch Hollister 2009) NOT EXACTLY a REPRODUCTION
Tarot de Marsella (Industria Argentina)

Tarot Jacques Vieville (Heron)
Tarot Jean Payen 1743 (restored by Scott Marchus, 2008 ; Limited Edition #21)
Vandenborre Bacchus Tarot 1775 (Carta Mundi 1983) [2]
Tarot de Nostradamus (Heron)

Tarot de Trieste 1790
Ancient Tarots of Bologna (Lo Scarabeo 2000)
Ancient Italian Tarot (Lo Scarabeo)
Classic Tarot (Lo Scarabeo)
Il Torocco Di Besancon (Il Meneghello, Milan 2000)
Ancient Tarot of Lombardy, Milan 1810 (Lo Scarabeo)
Tarocco Neoclassico, Milano 1810 (Il Meneghello)
I Nabi di G. Vacchetta 1863-1949 (Il Meneghello, Milan 2001)
Tarot of the Master (Lo Scarabeo)
Epinal Tarot (Grimaud 1830)

Ancient Minchiate Eturia 1725 (Lo Scarabeo 1996)
Tarot Florentino Minchiate "Al Leone" 1790 (2004) [2]
Minchiate Fiorentine (Solleone 1980)
Minchiate Tarot (Brian Williams 1993)

Tarocchini di Gioseppe Maria Mitelli (Dal Negro)

Tarot Cards 1JJ (AG Muller 1970)

78 Cartes Super Luxe (Piatnik)

Oswald Wirth (US Games)

I certainly don't need any more, but the heart wants what the heart wants:

Tarot de Paris
Vieville restoration


Happy All Saints Day, everybody!

There is nothing else.

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