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Join Date: 31 Jan 2005
Location: the Stars
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Silicon Dawn - The Fool

Part 1 - The sun is setting in the hours before twilight, turning the sky a vibrant shade of orange. The small glimpse of twinkling stars are peaceful but hopeful. It's quiet all alone on this cliff except for the sound of the fox barking a loud warning, echoing across the canyon. The fool is engrossed in her book, curious about the secrets that lie within. She's a bookworm, eager to gather new knowledge. Although she's brilliant, she seems to not notice that she's walking off a cliff. Or maybe she's just following the instructions in the book. Stepping off this precipice could be leading her to a new land down below. Maybe there's something waiting for her down there - something magical and exciting, something she's never seen or experienced before. Besides, in case anything goes wrong, she has her butterfly wings. She can take flight in a pinch. She would never go on this journey if she didn't have those wings - they're there to protect not just her, but more importantly the baby that she's carrying. This baby is more important to her than anything else in the world. Although her fox seems worried, the Fool is totally calm and unaware. Walking off this cliff seems as natural to her as a walk down the street, although to anyone watching, it would be insane. Maybe some onlookers would cheer her on, or some would condemn her, criticize her. But to this Fool, none of that matters. The only thing that matters is her journey.

Part 2 -The sky is vibrant and alive with the vivid orange of the setting sun, but the stars above me are peaceful and hopeful. It's eerily quiet except for the side of me that is barking a loud and clear warning. That side of me is scared that I'm about to make a serious mistake. It's shouting at me "What are you doing??" I'm deeply engrossed in my book, eager for some new knowledge & I'm about to walk entirely off this cliff. I'm curious and a little uncertain if this book will really give me the answers I seek, but I'm going to trust it for now. Besides, I have my wings to protect me and my baby. I need to protect the baby at all costs, it's the most important thing to me. There's no way I would be taking this leap if it weren't for these wings that I can always rely on. Maybe to some people I look crazy, or to others I look incredibly brave, but none of this matters to me. Walking off this cliff feels as natural as breathing and I'm excited to see what lies below. Maybe it will be everything I've dreamed of and more.

Part 3 - Reminds me of a time this summer when I took a crazy chance on something I really wanted. Some people were supportive, some people weren't but it worked out very well for me in the end, and I was happy I did it. At the time, I felt nervous excitement and it was fun to do something daring. And it helped that I did a ton of research before I took the leap, so I wouldn't fall flat on my face. So it was a risk but not really one at the same time.
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Seldes Katne 
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Working with the Justice card, from The Witches Tarot.

Part 1: The woman as Justice seems to have little emotion on her face, although I get the impression that she is mildly annoyed. She isn't smiling. Her posture is upright. The expression of annoyance is slight.

The area depicted in the card is well-lit, so it's almost as though she's posing. Or on display.

Part 2: I am in a well-lit place, a place of importance. I will have to make a decision. Sometimes it's a small one; sometimes it's life or death. Although it may not be important to me, it's often important to someone else. It's not trivial. I should not smile. I should present myself as solemn and responsible. Sometimes the judgement in question seems petty, and my annoyance shows a little. Seriously, can't people make better decisions? But I need to keep my facade intact, to appear thoughtful.
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21 ways - Step 3


As the serpent in this card I really feel drowsy and loosing control over my actions...
I am still startled after getting woke up and suddenly casted in this strange, greenish void...

Uumh. .
I don't know how long ago that happened.. may be seconds or millennia..
I start thinking time has no meaning in this place, the stars are fixed, that formation of asteroids should be moving..
I am confused

And I also know I have been there and done this before too, so I am in control after all, only it doesn't feel like that
I am drown to follow the paths of the zodiac belt and don't have energy nor will to change this..
And the woman..
Oh yes she is hot and I would give her all myself..
But I can't trust her with that sharp hook and the way she has of stepping on my head!!!
Oh no, better follow the zodiac belt, ..
Like I can do anything else..

Oh! And I need to take care of these eggs too!!!
I have a feeling, like the memory of a dream, that the eggs are of the o utmost importance, but I need the help of someone else to truly give them value..
The woman.. I need her to accomplish my task..
She is dangerous but I must face her or everything is in vain..

What am I truly meant to do here?
Why this place is so estranged and yet so familiar?
I need a sleep..

Part 2
The emotions in this card make me think of when your inner self has decided a dangerous course of action but your little Ego doesn't want to acknowledge it
This has happened to me before getting aware that I needed to move some place else and then did it
Like even now, something happened in a place I was living in the past, that calls for me to get by there.
But I don't want to, so I am procrastinating because if I tell the truth to myself I will feel guilty if I don't get back, or face all the ship I left in that place if I do go.

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Nordic Cool
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Medicine Woman Tarot ~ The High Priestess

Step 3
Medicine Woman Tarot ~ SEEKER -The High Priestess

1. Emotions in the card: curiosity, amusement, seduction, fertility, calm, mischief

2. I wonder who the stranger is standing over there at the edge of the forest. I´ve seen a message in my mirror and I wonder if the message was meant for that wanderer. I´ll have to ask them closer and learn who they are to see if the message was indeed meant for this seeker. This is a sacred grove and also very fertile ground with all this water and ferns and whatnot -and so it is very fitting and fun to deliver a message which looks positive and is all about creativity and new growth.

3. That gleam in the HP’s eye is the very same I saw yesterday in a 7-month-old baby girl’s eyes. She was on her way to do something that she obviously thought grown-ups didn’t think was a good idea. It was all about amusement and curiosity and mischief. And she was also inviting us to intervene and react and go and get her. Her glance made me think maybe there’s a little Priestess in all women, regardless of age. (The same spirit/Archetype is probably in males, too. We just call it something different.)
In some decks it is the Fool that is about mischief, adventure and curiosity. I think this High Priestess comes close to that but in this card she is passively waiting rather than going on an adventure. She is waiting for us to approach her.
(The Fool in this deck is not mischievous at all. Not even very adventurous or curious. She is mainly focused on creation.)

Becoming earth. Becoming animal. Becoming, in this manner, fully human. -D. Abram
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Step 3 - Deviant Moon 3 of Pentacles

Part 1 - Concentration, comfortable, open, serious, performance, attachment, theatrical, studious, together as one, unison

Part 2 - I feel engrossed as I see the theatrical stage, its incredible to see these figures all working on one another and how they interact with each other. The intricate detail and attention to detail these figures share is inspiring. I sit facinated watching them and curious as to why one of the figures has a hand for a foot and sense this may be extend his ability or skills. The red paint looks like blood dripping from the figures head but this is purposeful and meaningful (no pain no gain). The man sat on the box seems to have divided attention on both what he is doing (carving out an eye) and what is been done to him(drawing a face on the back of his head) Theres a definate unison between them, although they are not verbally communicating, there attached and concentrating. The visual affect is dramatical and it feels exciting, I want to know more and see what these figures transpire into once thier work is done.

Part 3 - This reminds me of a recent event involving building work where there were ups and downs and people had to come together of differing skill sets to complete the job.

It's no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.
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pirata fantástica
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step 3

Ceccoli Tarot - King of Wands

First, describe the emotions and feelings on the card for the character(s) involved and the environment they are within.

the girl: looks impassive. White with anger.
the dragon: looks cute. Breathing flames.
the man: looks tiny. Crawls backwards with fear.

Second, repeat this step but put your description in the "first person."

I am the girl. I am furious with rage. I am really huge, so nothing and nobody can scare me. It's d
I am the dragon. I am cute, and I can spit fire. I am not afraid of anything. It's fun to be a dragon.
I am the man. I am terrified. I cannot ward off the dragon, I cannot protect myself.

Third, relate a personal and real-life situation which involved similar feelings and qualities which you have just described.

I can remember feeling so furious when I was a little girl. I wished to be big and scary enough to make them feel scared of me.

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Location: Ireland
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Step 3: tarot for Beginners, The Tower

I accidentally strayed into this step in step 2 as I didn't read the book.

PART 1: The emotion of the card

The environment is stormy, tumultuous, terrifying. The sea is dark and raging, trying to engulf the tower. The sky is a mass of ominous dark clouds, encroaching on the tower. Jagged lightning splits the louring sky and suddenly the top of the tower is burning with fierce red and gold flames. The tower was once proud and a place of sanctuary from the outside world but now it is cracked and crumbling. The figures are falling from the top, the woman face first and the man still reaching for the sky. Their emotions are being forced to jump before the tower fell completely. Their faces show disbelief and terror. Their comfort and certainty is gone. They are falling towards an uncertain fate in the cold and stormy waters.

PART 2: The emotion in the first person (I am the woman in blue).

I thought I was safe in my tower. Yes, the world outside could be cold and barren and terrifying but I had everything I needed - comfort and luxury. Except now all of that is gone. The world outside is in rebellion, tearing my tower down, leaving us with nowhere to go. When everything is falling apart, you can stay and die or you can jump first and hope that something beneath catches you. I am facing the water as I fall towards it. My eyes are open. I think the water will swallow me and destroy me, but just maybe I can survive.

PART 3: A time I experienced this emotion.

A time I experienced a potentially life-changing illness. It would have left me disabled. I read everything I could find and was proactive about seeking treatment. I recovered but for a period it seemed like I would have to learn to live with a disability. Suddenly everything I took for granted was under threat.
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Step THREE- shadowscapes 6 wands

1. from outside: calmness, feelings of empowerment, solitude.

2. from inside: I feel relieved [because something bad ended], i'm looking forward for more victories, i'm slightly aware things can go wrong. i feel that i'm unique in my field.

3. real life experience: i felt relieved when i would finally finish my tasks, especially within the deadline. i always want more writing projects. things like various events that are outside my control can prevent me from finishing the task on time.
i always felt i'm somehow special, no matter what i did or where i was . (and this is the first time i admit this in front of anyone) [i never requested anyone to treat me differently because of this]
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