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The Primary Deck Reflections 2009 Sign-up & Discussion Thread

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NorthernTigress's Avatar
NorthernTigress  NorthernTigress is offline
Join Date: 08 Jul 2008
Location: Alberta, Canada
Posts: 14,573

Hello fellow PDR-ers!

I've posted another blog entry. It's a return to my original New Year's reading. Hard to believe 2009 is three months old already!
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mooncat2  mooncat2 is offline
Join Date: 10 Mar 2002
Location: New Zealand
Posts: 4,172

My weekly reading is posted.
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epvitale  epvitale is offline
Join Date: 25 Oct 2008
Location: Brooklyn, NY USA
Posts: 285
I've been a bad boy

Hi all,

I know I've been gone for awhile I have been dealing with the return of my demons and lost interest in almost all things I enjoyed. I have crawled back out of my cave now and am ready to continue with this great exercise and contribute to this forum again.

I will start posting again tomorrow or Saturday. I am glad that I feel again like working with my cards. I missed them. And I missed all of you.

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SherryZoned's Avatar
SherryZoned  SherryZoned is offline
Join Date: 03 Apr 2002
Location: Texas
Posts: 3,638

Glad your back Gary!
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firecatpickles's Avatar
firecatpickles  firecatpickles is offline
in a barrel in the yard
Join Date: 16 Jan 2006
Location: mars
Posts: 18,189

It's about &*<#ing time, Gare...
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Asher's Avatar
Asher  Asher is offline
Join Date: 06 Oct 2003
Location: One short day in the Emerald City
Posts: 1,090

New reading posted after my visit with Max, the crystal skull.
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sapienza's Avatar
sapienza  sapienza is offline
Join Date: 27 Oct 2001
Location: Australia
Posts: 3,680

I'm still here. Busy week but I've done a reading and just need to find some time to type it up and post to my blog. My husband is back at uni so we need to share the computer now which adds to the challenge. Will post it early next week I'd say.
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Sinduction's Avatar
Sinduction  Sinduction is offline
Join Date: 28 Feb 2007
Location: oHIo
Posts: 5,727

Welcome back Gary! I'm glad this group is so easy going.

I've slowed my readings down as my new meds are making it extremely difficult for me to concentrate on any coherent thought. In fact, that right there was most likely my quota for today.

Once the dosage gets evened out I should be back on schedule. I don't know what's wrong with me. I just can't stay on track. I'm not even sure any of this is even making sense.
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emmsma's Avatar
emmsma  emmsma is offline
Join Date: 18 Feb 2009
Location: In my skin!
Posts: 22,693

New reading posted to my blog.
I keep worrying that I am not spending enough time with my deck, even though I have planned to set aside time on my days off to do readings. I think I need to relax a bit. I got a few new decks this week and felt a bit guilty at the time I was taking away from them to handle the new additions.

They are quite forgiving though, and didn't seem to begrudge my time away.
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firefrost  firefrost is offline
Carpathian Dream
Join Date: 23 Jan 2005
Location: Yorkshire, UK
Posts: 23,922

Welcome back, Gary

Hello to everyone - good to see we're mostly still here
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