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A Simple method to Read Playing Cards...

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I need to print this out. I've been reading it over and over and it's really good. Is there anywhere i can read more of this author's work?
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Bumping this, since it hasn't been talked about for awhile.
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If this is the wrong spot for this, sorry. I know Mods will move it where it needs to be!

I just watched Tarology and must say that, although he didn't address playing cards, Enrique certainly has a nice way of describing what I call intuitive reading.
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Wonderful thoughts as always from Enrique. I love his lyrical, poetic approach. Last year I took a correspondence course with him about wordplay and the "Language of the Birds". It was wonderfully inspirational stuff!

In a similar vein to his posts above, I have always enjoyed the conventions of court cards and how these can add to a reading.

For example, in most decks the King of Diamonds and the Jacks of Hearts and Spades are traditionally pictured in profile - with only one eye visible. Check your pack to see if this is true for your cards it is the case with most decks. Does this show divided attention, a turning away from the situation at hand, distraction, taking your eye off the ball perhaps?

Another aspect of the cards' design I enjoy: traditionally the King and Queen of Spades, and both the black Jacks, face the opposite direction to the rest of the court cards. So when more than one court card falls in a spread, are they facing one another or back to back? Or are they pulling in the same direction, acting as a team or are they opposed to each another? Are they working for or against the sitter? Are they facing the future or dwelling on the past?

I find these details can really enrich a reading.
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Rose Lalonde 

Thanks for bumping this, Mathew! I had read An Invitation to Tarot and the Marseille Seekers threads, but somehow missed this one until now.
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I've been curious about reading playing cards. Thank you for sharing your method : )
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