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Two main things come to mind when I see this card:

(1) that to truly be honest you must also be humble. Using "honesty" to be cruel to others is not being honest it is being hateful, it is one of those things that afflicts the Soul Shrinker. If you are honest with someone using humility then although the truth may be painful, your compassion will soften the blow. To me that is what this card asks of me, to be humble and compassionate while being honest.

(2) Remember the song "Honesty" ~sings: "honesty is such a lonely word" ....~ loneliness is the second thing that comes to mind. It takes courage to be honest, particularly with one self, and it is often a lonely and desolate road. But a very necessary one.
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Originally posted by mooncat2
I think he will come to me when I'm not being honest with myself. When my emotions are not clear and open and are clouding my thinking.

His eyes are full of understanding, he knows how difficult this can be but there's also quite a firm look to his mouth that will take no nonsense.

I don't get any negative feelings at all. I really like him. He's full of light - he shines. I'm rather sad to put him back with his friends.
I've found that in my readings for others Honesty has come up to tell me that the person has a skewed image of themselves and the world around them. This has happened most often when the querent has been overly influenced and oppressed by the perceptions of family, friends and society.

According to pyschology we often create our moral/value systems based on what others would think of/say about us if they knew we had done this or that. Honesty tries to free us from that.

To me, his fragile appearance is a reflection of the querents that are trapped by oppressive influences. Even if he can't be strong he wants them to be. He wants them to be strong by being honest with themselves and honest about who they are so that they can stand up against the perceptions that are holding them down.
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Lightlike, that was a fantastic post. The perspective is new, and you made all of the points completely understandable. That's one I'm going to have sit down with, particularly since it rings true.

Geez, good job.
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When I first looked at this card, a line from one of my fave movies sprung up, Princess Mononoke: "Eyes unclouded by hate"
His ears are huge, wanting to hear the truth, but the ears have no holes in them to recieve the spoken mesages.
His mouth is in a firm line, as if on the edge of doubting you, he must see truthful actions, not hear empty words.
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