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2 decks, same card: Hierophant

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Originally Posted by violetdaisy View Post
I always find it uncanny when I pull the same card from a number of decks without conscious intention. My meaning seems to both focus down into what the heart of the card is as well as expand my understanding of the card because of the combined images I am presented with.

I think that the KnP has the potential to "grow into" the Hierophant - *instead* of growing into the king of that suit. His path is slow but not set. Popes/religious figures have a "responsibility" to bring the ethereal to the physical so the masses can understand one teaching or another. Ultimately the Hierophant/Pope is a Teacher - one who understands his/her subject(s) thoroughly and with certainty.

A Knight (in most decks) is still a student. Still *proving* himself. The Hierophant doesn't have anything to prove but to something/someone not of this plane of existence. But they have the opportunity to Teach.

Security is great. The King of P has that + family in spades lol. The Hierophant eschews nuclear family for a broader idea of the concept of family.

I think you are coming up on an opportunity that will determine your path between mostly being a Hierophant or mostly being a King of Pentacles and that's why it's repeating for you. You have time right now to look at what you value and what you find of worth and assess where that may lead you.

Take what you will. I really like the Hierophant in many decks but I know that some deck designers view it in a negative light.
Hello Violetdaisy, (what a lovely name)

What you say clarifies on what Thirteen has said before. Growing into the H instead of the KoP makes sense. "Ultimately the Hierophant/Pope is a Teacher - one who understands his/her subject(s) thoroughly and with certainty."

As far as a choice, that's interesting.
8 months ago I began yoga again after a 12 year hiatus. It's opened up my mind's eye and brought on lots of psychic energy. The teacher is the best I've ever had, I dreamt of him two days before the class. We've talked lots about the light I see around him when he teaches and recently the beings of light that attend his class along with the humans. He told me to read Autobiography of a Yogi then I can tell him my choice. I don't know what choice he means because I haven't finished the book. I had another dream where he asked me what I chose and I told him I had to paint for a show. Then he walked away. (Currently I am very busy painting for a show) When I dream of people like this it's a different kind of dream.

In the past I chose painting over yoga. I wonder if I can combine the two.

Thank you.
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Join Date: 07 Feb 2017
Location: Paris
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2 decks, same card: Hierophant

To give closure and hindsight here,and to thank everyone who tried to help me interpret this, this is what happened.

I was associating the Knight of Pents with money and work but it turned out to be health related. Constant daily practice of meditation and yoga.

One day I found god. I actually understood and felt in my heart the faith in Divine Love: the Hierphant.

For 18 months I'd been living with a constant ache that went from the base of my skull to the arch of my left foot. The entire left side of my body was in severe pain. Especially my hip. I would wake up at night and wondering if I should think about surgery. I'd been to an osteopath when it was very bad.

So. Around 2pm one day when I couldn't take it anymore I lay down for a meditation and asked God to take away the pain. I fell into a deep sleep for about 10 min. When I woke up the pain had completely disappeared and I haven't felt it at all since. For several days I was ecstatic and filled with complete joy. Then I told the wrong person who made me look like a loony to my husband and his colleagues (behind my back, but that's another story.)

I found faith in God energy, my lesson from knight of Pents.

I haven't pulled the Knight of Pents since that power nap.
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