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How the other person feels about a potential relationship with you spread

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In a reading exchange we did earlier tonight, my reading partner used this spread to seek some insights about a guy who has been pursuing me. This is an excellent spread, very much to the point, and my reader was able to confirm the suspicions I had about the man's intentions towards me (not at all honorable!).

This is the one I will definitely use for others with these same type of questions (and for myself).

Thank you so much for sharing it!

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Originally Posted by purple_scorp
And to all, I'm interested to know how you are using this spread? Are you thinking that someone you know might be interested in having a relationship with you and using this spread to work out if it would be successful? Or are you using it to read their minds to find out what they think about you? Because, if it's the latter, then, I don't know how you can measure that, without asking them if what you've uncovered is true.
My humble opinion on this...
I think if you read a relationship spread carefully you can also learn a lot about yourself.
For example, if you look at the position "what attracts him to you" and it is something you don't recognize about yourself, it can either be a) it is quality in yourself you did not know, or b) you are not yourself around him and showing him something you are not (probably unconsciously). Also if you would expand the spread (which I did) you could ask "what attracts me to him/turns me off about him" and that could give you more insight too about what you are looking for in a possible relationship.
I would not let the outcome card determine whether or not I would want to see that person again - in the end communication is the best way but this spread gives a good hunch what to expect.
Thanks for sharing blue_bell
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Thanks for posting this spread.... I tried it yesterday and got the ace of cups as card 6....don't think it could be any clearer than that but his turn off is the strength being a leo, i think he's just going to have to get used to it....Thanks again!
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Must try this spread tonight. Have to go and prepare meal now. Some things can't wait unfortunately
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I did this spread and got 9 of Cups as Card 6.
I think that's pretty good
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Sonia Doris 

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Wow, a nice spread indeed. I'll try it now!! Definetely a new entry in my spreads notebook.
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This was spot freaking on. And thankfully, the situation is mostly positive.
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Great spread bleu-bell!

Its very simple, yet accurate! Right to the point
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Thanks in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

Sheri; moderator Tarot Spreads
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Cactus Dahlia 

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Great Spread!

Awesomely accurate spread. I'll be tucking this one away for future use. Thanks so much for sharing it.
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