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Going To Draw Three Cards A Day For Awhile

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Going To Draw Three Cards A Day For Awhile

Every time I take out my tarot, especially with my new Old English deck, I have an experience of clarity about my life. And since it feels as if my life has been in fairly total chaos for most of the last year now, I've decided to draw three cards each day for awhile. I might do past/present/future, or I might do body/mind/spirit, depending on my mood. I'm journaling all my spreads, in hopes of learning, and of getting clearer on why my life is (and has been) so chaotic.

I'm interested in hearing from others on how a daily practice has been for them. I remember doing this years ago, but didn't stick with it over the long term. Maybe I only need a daily practice when things are so in flux? What has your experience been?


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Mystical Explorer 

I have been doing 3 card daily spreads since 8th April and have documented each result. I like to use a morning/afternoon/evening method.
The results I have been getting are very interesting. Cards that I have noticed that keep coming out are queen of wands, temperance and 10 of wands.
On the other hand the card that have not seen to often like The Magician, 8 of cups and 9 of coins.
I also remember the first daily spread I done 3 major cards came out Temperance, Hanged man and the Hermit. Which I think was my decision to start to look deeper into myself.
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balenciaga  balenciaga is offline
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I do a daily Thoth triad just to get a feel for what I can expect on a daily basis. I use it as guidance. It provides a 'theme' for the day, so I can 'see' what I am in for and prepare accordingly. I find it very useful.
Since working with tarot consistently, I feel it has centered me, dispelled the chaos you aptly describe. So I say 'stick with it' and you will find the centeredness you are seeking.
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GryffinSong  GryffinSong is offline
Join Date: 14 May 2008
Location: Maryland, USA
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Thanks, centering is certainly badly needed here, and will be a blessing. Funny, I've only been doing it for two days, and I already feel clearer on some issues. Still a lot churning around, but at least the churning is taking on a theme or two.

Thanks again!
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I don't do them everyday...not at all. But I have done them on and off for years, and it's almost as interesting to look back in my journals to see periods when I did do them vs. periods when I neglected doing them. I haven't come to any real conclusion about doing vs. not doing...maybe I tend to pull cards during boring points in life!

If nothing else, it's good practice for newer practitioners!
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I haven't done it, but I think I will give it a try - especially since my inner life is in chaos right now and my outer one very confusing!

And I guess it's also a good way to get to know the cards even better - unless the same cards keep turning up! But sometimes I need to be told more than once before it sinks in!

Thanks for the inspiration!
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What a good suggestion. I will start to do this as well. It will really help to learn
more about Tarot and plain good for me. Thanks for posting this. :

For the two spreads you suggested, are the cards in any special position?
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I am currently doing a three-card daily draw, and it's really helping me to learn my deck AND be a little more centered. Two benefits for the price of one.

The positions I'm using these days are as follows:

1. What I should let go of or move away from

2. What I should hold onto or move toward

3. How/where I can best focus my creative energy

I use the positions as 1 3 2

It's working for the time being.

Good luck!
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I used a three card draw with the Hallowquest Arthurian, very useful. Sometimes when I feel the need I still do this as a daily or weekly guide.

You split the cards into Majors/ Courts/ Minors.

Take one card from each.

The Major is your teacher.
The Court is your guide.
The Minor is your experience.

I used to review end day to see how things fit. It's a great way of getting to know all the cards too: soesn't take long to have worked your way through most of the deck.

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GryffinSong  GryffinSong is offline
Join Date: 14 May 2008
Location: Maryland, USA
Posts: 6,356

Wow, thank you for the beautiful 3-card layouts!!! I will definately use those!!!

The layouts I've been using up to now are:


1=past, 2=present, 3=future


1=body, 2=mind, 3=spirit

And if it feels right to do so, I pull a fourth beneath them for heart:

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