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(((2_Journey and Grandma)))

Originally Posted by
Dear Ironwing kept showing me a Horned Ancestor and I am having a challenge trying to define whata horned ancestor is...
Do you guys have any links or suggestions?
I immediately thought of all the deer-headed humans in the Greenwood...

Cernunnos also popped into my head.

From there, Wikipedia brought me to these:

Of course, Gods are not exactly Ancestors, but maybe these links will still be useful? Especially the latter one made me think of Vikings and suchlike...
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I thought of people wearing antler head-dresses, and also of Cernonnos and of someone with deer-like qualities (well actually stag, rather than hind qualities).
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Oh, Yira, please don't feel like that.
I hope I didn't do anything wrong here.
I was just thinking that people here would be able to help me clarify my explanation to you!

Please accept my apologies if I misspoke or missteped in anyway.

Originally Posted by yirabeth
Oh dear..I really put my foot in it there..I didn't mean to make it harder on you! I have read what you posted and am thinking it all through..I tend to be slow to react, but I'll have my thoughts in order in a bit and will post back.


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Oh heck no, ya sure didn't! I just felt bad putting you on the spot is all

You know it's a good reading when people are really thinking about it, right? Well..yours was great! hehe I really have been having some good readings done for me, and doing for others, lately -- tarot is so completely awesome!

Cat had some good recommendations, I've been reading those to learn more about this Being. Wendy had a good idea too. It may end up being something we're just going to have to be a bit confused on, and wait for it to clarify itself in time (one thing you should NOT do is assume you're wrong -- the whole reading is practically vibrating with resonance.)

In any case, I'm thinking through the whole (fantastic) reading, and will be posting on that soon

And for everyone else..thanks so much for having this whole IDS thing going and giving us a safe space to learn and grow and wonder in!

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Bat Chicken 

Originally Posted by Mi-Shell
(((Bat Chicken)))
I have No clue about the Blake thing but you sound, as if you too need a huuuuuggggg.
Thanks! I'll always take a hug!
But the Blake is no crisis, if anything I am enjoying the challenge. I find if I don't reach overwhelm at some point, I haven't cared enough...
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Originally Posted by
(((2Journey and Gran)))

Hi everyone.
I am working with Yira on the recent IDS #12. Dear Ironwing kept showing me a Horned Ancestor and I am having a challenge trying to define whata horned ancestor is...
Do you guys have any links or suggestions?

Oh, How Powerful!
there is sooo much to tell about the shamanic concept of "Horned Ancestor"
1) Horns in visions and trance always mean: more than ordinary Knowledge = shamanic wisdom. Here in N.America First Nations Medicine People wear Antlers and Buffalo Horns, In Siberia we wear Deer and Hart Antlers and in Brittain you have the Horned God and the Female "Ellen of the Ways" Yes, i too thought of the cards in the Greenwood Tarot and of the "Ancestor" card showing us Ellen- - and also of Justice and 9 of Stones and several others.
2) I personaly could imagine, that you saw an Ancestor of your personal lineage - that can be waaaaaaay back... or a "deserted Ancestor = no more decendants follow the ways and so he/ she is forgotten, neglected, but "spied you" and sees you as worthy and capable and..... may will become a tutolary Spirit for more than this reading. Now, was ite Ancestor meant for you in general - or to implie wisdom to yirabeth?? - It could be her Ancestor, you know...

Congratulations on your "seeing eyes"!

Love and a huuuugggg!!
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thorhammer is starting a new IDS thread, so I am closing this one at her request.

Here is the new thread:

co-Moderator, Talking Tarot
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