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LotusSong  LotusSong is offline
Join Date: 13 Jul 2009
Location: California, USA
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After thinking long and hard, I have decided that I will not be changing my IDS. I was so sure, so positive, that I was going to change it. The last round of exchanges changed my mind. I discovered what my issue was with my deck, and I realized that I had, indeed, learned something important from doing this IDS. And I saw how much more this deck has to teach me. Yes, it's a lot of textbook like work and I have had it up to here with studying, but I have just broken down a wall. Why should I leave now when I've finally made my first bit of progress?

I also spent time with the deck I was going to change to. I felt, after almost four full pages of 10-point text, that I was too narrow in my focus. I'm still keeping that deck nearby, but I feel almost like I'm not ready to sit down an analyze it.

So now, I have decided that starting tomorrow I will draw a card from my Shakespearean and just look up and write down the full text of the quote. I won't sit down and pick it apart, I won't think about how this would apply if I drew it in a 'situation' or 'advice' position, I'll just record it. This bit of gentle work will help me ease myself into the next important step I need to do - read the works used in the deck and understand the events that occur in them. This isn't going to be easy (I've read Hamlet several times and I doubt I could give anyone a good synopsis >.>; ) but I feel it's something I need to do eventually.

('cause when you're giving someone a f2f reading, you can't be like, "Hold up! I need to look up this quote on my computer." XP )
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thorhammer  thorhammer is offline
Join Date: 21 Sep 2007
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Welcome, Carla! Old school is good and good for you for taking the leap. I shall add you and your UW to the list.

LotusSong - hurrah for you! The first major wall that goes down feels so good, doesn't it?

KafkasGhost - just be strong and ignore all posts regarding how beautiful a deck is. What that person is really saying is, "I'm doing so well with my IDS and I'm happy that we're all here sharing", not, "This is the best deck in the world and all you people without it are missing out", so bear in mind that you've got every right to come in here and rant about how cool the Universal Fantasy is

\m/ Kat
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BelovedK  BelovedK is offline
Join Date: 22 Sep 2009
Location: Virginia USA
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I have thought about what my commitment would be, and have come up with some things that I am willing to commit to.

*I will look at my intensive study card at least once a day and study either from the book that comes with the deck (not the LWB) or other sources

* I will do a 3 card reading once a week at the end of the week

* I will record my insights/findings in my journal.

* I will check/post here daily.

I tend to bite off more than I can chew, so I will start there and exceed those things when I can, and perhaps make some changes as I go along.

I am excited to get to k now the BG better.
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Faolainn Storm  Faolainn Storm is offline
Join Date: 21 Aug 2005
Location: Victoria, Australia
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Faolainn Storm 

Originally Posted by KafkasGhost
Anything simple I can do when my thoughts and eyes start wandering??
Pick up your IDS deck, shuffle it and look through it. Remind yourself of why you chose this deck, and why you love it.

Originally Posted by DaisyDragonfly
But also begging forgiveness: if and when I post about my little deck, it'll be as the minstrel, not as the academic. It makes this a far more subjective study; one, possibly, that won't be much use to anybody else. I'm not even sure what form it'll take: it's less a study and more an Intensive Deck Musings
One of the reasons I am not posting my work on the Greenwood, is that is so subjective. One thing I have done with all the decks I have IDSed is to write from the point of view of the character on the card. It quickly becomes a type of automatic writing, and I find I write things I didn't expect and what comes out gives me a far better understanding of the card than the academic study. However, some decks need one, others need the other, and some need both. The Greenwood needs both. I need to understand what the animals are and what the image shows, before I can do the "creative writing" section, if that makes sense.

Originally Posted by Cat*
I'm still considering the Greenwood animals. I've sat down and made a list of all animals in the deck that I could find/identify and the cards they appear on. Deer (and its variations) is appearing most often (on 17 cards). Horse (including the Uffington Horse) is featured on 11 cards. Snake (7), Cow/Aurochs (5), Heron and Bear (4 each), and Lion (3) also appear in noticeable numbers. All other animals (34 of them altogether) show up once or twice. I plan to eventually compare all cards that show the same animal(s) to see if that brings any additional insight.
Speaking of the animals in the Greenwood - I was studying the Seer last week and I am still puzzled by the yellow animal on her cloak. According to the book it is a lion, yet to me it looks like a koala. What does it look like to you? Is it just me? I'm not sure I can move on with this until I can see the lion, (or come to terms with the koala ).

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yaraluna  yaraluna is offline
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Location: Nuestro Norte es el Sur
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hello all,

my journey with the Jodo Marseilles has been very enlightening. so much as to have three continuous weeks of dreamwork with the Marseilles. amazing!

For the new year, I may change to a new Marseilles, either the Noblet or the new Flornoy I just got (hasn't arrived yet) for the new year.
I say I "may" change it as I find myself very comfortable with the Jodo, so I am not sure about changing yet. we'll see.

In the meantime, I will like to edit a bit my pledge and say:
I will do a three card spread at the end/begining of the week, journal them, and play with the deck more instead of "all work" with it.

Have a great New Year!!!


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pippi  pippi is offline
Join Date: 12 Oct 2007
Location: ID, USA
Posts: 1,895

I have a question. I have been searching the forum unsuccessfully trying to find an IDS-type thread that I could have sworn I saw months ago, where people were dedicated to studying a certain deck, and devoting a specific amount of time to it, but without giving up other decks completely. (The three letter abbreviation for the group had an R in it, I'm sure. So it wasn't the IDS or ODW.) Was there ever such a thread, or was I in a parallel universe that day/week?

Here's what I'm looking for... For 2010, there is a deck that I would like to use in some manner, every day, for the entire year. But, I cannot forsake all other decks for a year. Never gonna happen. I run a blog where I use a different deck each week, and I need that variety to keep me from getting bored. However, in addition to my blog, and readings for people, I would like to set aside time every day to get to know one particular deck. And I really thought I had seen a thread somewhere for that type of study.

If that thread is hiding somewhere, can someone please point me in the right direction? And if there isn't such a thread, would I still be welcome here, dedicating daily time for a year to one deck, even though I will still be using others as well? ...And if the answer is no to both questions, I guess I'll have to start up my own little gang.

ETA: I just found it!! "Primary Deck Reflections" thread. Yay! (I KNEW it had an "R" in it! I'm not going crazy afterall!) Funny, I just stumbled upon it completely by accident through another, unrelated thread. The universe heard my plea! The thread is here, by the way, in case anyone else is interested.
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thorhammer  thorhammer is offline
Join Date: 21 Sep 2007
Location: Running
Posts: 19,764

It sounds like the PDR will be more your style, pippi - I had just fired off a search for you and then read your edit Glad you found it!

\m/ Kat
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Wendywu  Wendywu is offline
Thursday's Child
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I still buy other decks, but they tend to be decks I've been thinking about getting for a long time or that just leap out at me yelling "BUY ME NOW". When they get to me I look through them, find them a safe and comfy home on the shelves and then put them away. The only deck I use, other than the Ironwing is the Erotica and I use it once a month for the RED Exchange.

I am finding, as the weeks go by, that I have less and less desire to use Another Deck. Maybe that will change with time and I shall be calling on you guys for moral support to get me through but as things stand, I love the look of other decks, I enjoy hearing about them and seeing them on screen - I just don't really want to use them.

Like Zan I find myself eyeing up the shelves speculatively, and have had to resolve not to sell a single deck for at least a year (unless I desperately need the money). I got it down to a list of 20 decks that I just wouldn't part from but other than that, they could all walk out the door and I'd not break my heart.

I'm getting a lot from this study in many ways, and really look forward to seeing how it goes over the next 18 months, when the 78 week/IDS is done.
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BelovedK  BelovedK is offline
Join Date: 22 Sep 2009
Location: Virginia USA
Posts: 1,216

The thought of not buying any decks for 78 weeks, EEK! I guess that will go along with my new budget. Hubby and I are needing to tighten our belts and it will be good not "having" to spend.

Today? I'll foray into some creative writing, the BG Empress is an interesting card. I may even find a shiny new journal for this. This is my kickoff!

Oh, by the way, happy Solstice everyone!!!
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thorhammer  thorhammer is offline
Join Date: 21 Sep 2007
Location: Running
Posts: 19,764

Oh, yeah . . . longest day of the year. I'll be sorry to see the light go - I get so much done these days! - but not the heat! Mind you, there's another six weeks of blistering heat before us yet!

The library will see lots of me and my William

\m/ Kat
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