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The Primary Deck Reflections 2010 (both threads)

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strings of life 

^ I'm excited to explore it. I love writing about the VR and find that my thoughts run free and I feel the same thing about the VR. The colors and scenes pull me in.

Originally Posted by BelovedK
I just did a week with the Empress (IDS) and she is one interesting woman, check her out. spooky and disturbing. I think tomorrow I will check out the VR Empress. I am on to the Emperor, I will finish that, and then go on to my weekly readings and see how this thing progresses Happy new year!!
That Empress card is so intriguing, with the refection of her skeleton starting back at us in the mirror. A true cycle is depicted, through and through! I love getting lost in a deck like this...

I am also participating in the 78 Weeks Study, but learned about it late and am starting with The Emperor this week. I have gazed upon many Emperor cards this week and am still trying to figure out which decks I am going to use for this study (aside from my Morgan Greer). I may just end up adding the VR and BG to that. Come to think of it, it makes sense. It's so hard to choose sometimes .

I am also going to join the study group for the BG too. There seem to be a few people doing it right now and since I don't have the companion book, it will be interesting to see what others say. It really seems like an intuitive deck, especially for Tarot journaling.

Happy New Year!
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I noticed the queries re subscribing to various blogs - it breaks down like this as far as I can tell:

1. If you have a Google and/or Blogger account and you want to add a someone else's Blogger blog : you can click the Google Friend Connect option and 2 things happen : (a) that blog gets added to your blogger dashboard and also (b) it gets added to your google Reader account as a subscribed feed (so you can view it in either place)

2. If you have a Google and/or Blogger account and you want to add a different Blog (eg a Wordpress blog) : go to your Blogger Dashboard and under Blogs I Am Following (under Reading List) click on "ADD" and paste in there the url of the Wordpress Blog you want to follow - your Blogger dashboard is smart enough to find the RSS feed from that. It then shows up in the 2 places as in 1 above.

3. If you don't have a Blogger account then you need to add the RSS feed addresses to your feed reader of choice - Google Reader is a handy one
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The Guided Hermit 

First off, Happy New Year to those who are on the New Year part of the world.

It's still the 31st as I write.

In the spirit of things, I posted on my blog a Thematic reading with my PDS for the month of January 2010.

Best to you all!

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Ah-ha! Thanks for the directions on adding other sites to the Blogger dashboard and Reader. I'm rather inept at computer use sometimes. Then when I find out how to do something, I'm amazed how simple it can be

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Good luck and happy new year everyone! I've posted my first reflection on a reading that seems to be a hopeful sign for the journey ahead.
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Originally Posted by superfrogsavestokyo
I'd like to sign up! I would like to get to know the Deviant Moon a little better. Whenever I use it for a reading for myself, it seems like I'm only a little bit closer to things seeming more clear. I need to devote some time to it. Hopefully I'm not too late! lol
Weclome! Never too late here at the AT! We take all those who are happy to join us! I have added you to the list! The Deviant Moon is on my short list of potentials still!

Originally Posted by kmartin60
If its not to late I would like to sign up! Im just finishing a IDS with with the "Gothic tarot" by Vargo...
(Which I did sooo poorly at!) but, I think I want to try it with the "Aquarian" tarot deck...I think it is sorta RW clone-ish deck?

Either way, just thought it might be worth getting to know....grins...

(but all decks are!) comes from my bag of decks......giggles, Kim

Kim it looks like you have decided to make a big change from the Vargo Gothic to the Aquarian. I like the deck and sorely miss my copy that went missing a couple of years ago. I hope it is being used and loved by someone who needed it more.

I added you to the list. Welcome and I look forward to see what you learn about the deck.

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Originally Posted by BelovedK
I need to go back and read to catch up, but I just wanted to introduce myself to this thread I decided to start a PDR this year. I *just* started my blog (LJ) and put it in my profile

Can't wait to get started
I keep trying to find out, am I allowed to have a LJ blog on here? I got an error message at Blogger.
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Today's development

It was a nice day for me. My team won their football game and I had a nice evening with some of my family. I have to work in the morning so no late night ushering in the New Year for me. (I do expect to be in bed and awoken by fireworks in the neighborhood though.)

The ongoing stress of choosing a deck is better but by all means still pretty pressing. I am not going to choose it tonight whatever happens.

I did some preparing by purchasing a couple of books to get ready for the year. In gratitude for the wonderful Tarot Shadow Work book I bought two more Christine Jette books Tarot for All Seasons and Tarot for the Healing heart. I am also looking at purchasing a copy of Tarot Celebrations by Nancy Brady Cunningham and Geraldine Amaral.

Set up a Live Journal account so that when I comment on Live Journal blogs I can be easily identified. But I don't think I will use it that much. May have fun and create a profile though.

Well off to have as much fun as I can by myself on New Years Eve!

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I have now "harvested" your blogs to my google reader.
I'll try to follow as best as I can.
Being an outsider with my wordpress blog with our own domain name, I've previosly had difficulties commenting on Blogger blogs, if I want to leave my own url.
But at least I can read your posts.
Happy New Year.
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Okay, my blog has been given a facelift, renamed, and I've added y'all to my links. Now I just need to post - maybe after a nap...
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