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Best Online Card Reading Programs for a Website

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Best Online Card Reading Programs for a Website

Any computer programmers or web designer types who can help me? I've decided to put aside publishing my cards and manuscript in print (and save a few trees and dollars) and instead explore developing my own website complete with free automated online card reading to showcase my cards. I'll be adding/changing the cards as takes my fancy.

What's the best free card reading program/software/html to upload? Would it be a gadget, widget, post or what? I'm looking for something really cool and visually interesting but not so fancy that it takes too long to show up on the screen. Please provide URL to website(s) using the program if possible.

I'm also thinking of creating an e-book to go with it that can be purchased online and downloaded or read on the screen as PDF or some other file. Not sure where to get these programs or how to start.

Also what host website or blog would be best suited to this kind of thing?

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Cactus Dahlia 

I can't help you out with any programmes. Sorry.

There is, however, a website that has a cool system. I don't think the results are any better than other online card reading programmes, but it is fun to do. You get to choose the spread you want; you get to shuffle the cards and even get the odd dropped card! You then get to choose each card from the fan of cards.

If you like it, you might be able to find out where the programme comes from. The website is

Good luck with your project.
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I don't know anything about the coding or programs either, but you might try talking to this AT member who has a site that lets you choose decks & spreads. I had used the Annikin/My Divination before I knew about AT.
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Cool My research so far...

Here's my research so far: (I'm too scared to download this...) (article on virtual tarot readings)

Only thing is I have an oracle deck not a tarot deck, in case that makes a difference. Anyhow, so far this is closer to what I want, a nice animated, interactive display: (nice layout)

Looks like these are flashplayer based...I might try learning flashplayer and make up my own. It's also possible to turn a powerpoint slide show of the cards into flash:
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I can't point you out to any specific tarot software that you can use on a website, but I can tell you about, which is a free web hosting that adds no advertisement on your pages.
As for the domain, if you don't want to buy one, you can register one for free at, only that it will end with "" (as it is an Argentinian service), and then link it to your free hosting using
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Wink I found a site that lists and rates various software!
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Lightbulb Custom HTML Widgets available


In addition to some free basic widgets I am offering custom tarot widgets at

I provide you with easy copy/paste HTML to provide you with dynamic tarot reading content on your website.

I can work with any kind of divination, deck, oracle, etc.
I have designed widgets for Snowland Tarot, Infinite Visions Tarot, Alchemical Apothecary, Isidore Tarot, and some others.


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I like Wordpress - it's "officially" for blogs, but you can make it behave just like any other website. And you get a lot without paying... more when you pay! (I haven't paid.) It isn't just me, lots of people prefer Wordpress. Wix and Squarespace are good too (recommended by many); if I remember right, Squarespace is better than Wix for graphic-based sites such as you're thinking of. Each has its own pros and cons which you will need to consider for yourself.

I got a lot of advice from people more knowledgeable than I am, when I asked at the end of last year about domain names etc. I came to agree that .com is best because it gives people one less thing to remember, and memorable is good. If you look at the statistics tab of my profile, and go to threads I started, you'll find my threads about this kind of thing - stuffed full of advice!

My own domain name costs me USD $18 per year, which I consider fine even if it remains a "toy" and never pays for itself (which isn't my intention actually!).

As for ebooks, the internet has heaps of information. Amazon's guide to uploading may be a good start, though it is better explained in other places. I'm more familiar with this side of things than the website side, as I spent years writing with career intentions - finding out about publishing, self-publishing, publicising before and after it's published, etc etc. If you can think of specific questions it'll be easier to answer them than trying to launch into a full beginner's guide here.
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