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What suit best describes you?

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I used to think I was solely Cups, But really I have elements of all the Suits. I just think cups are out in front a bit more.
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Originally Posted by The crowned one
They all describe me, one of the reason tarot works.
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(Following shadowdancer's example of a percentage breakdown)

The last time I checked, I was:
43% Swords
38% Coins
14% Cups
5% Wands
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In all honesty I couldn't say I am one suit more than another

I am a soppy emotional person - Cups
I am intellectual and have a sharp tongue - Swords
I am passionate to a fault in whatever dream I am chasing at the time - Wands
I am savvy with business & wealth dealing although hate to splash out on myself. But considering I see myself as the 9 Pentacles and the Queen of Pentacles then maybe I am a smidgen more Pentacles than the other suit.
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Mostly Coins. I could describe myself as practical, hard-working, and reliable. But then there are some Wands mixed in. I get restless sometimes and need to learn a new skill, take different routes to work, or do something to break the monotony of the day's routines.
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your inner suit

if you believe you are a certaint percentage of all, then list it , i really like that idea. It is a bit harder for me to break it down lol
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Hhhmmm percents? How about a sandwich?

Fiery outside with an emotional interior. I am the ring of freaking fire!
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yeah good idea a pie showing all the percents If anybody is really bored you could make it on your computer and then post it that would be interesting.
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MeliaraKahlanSabriel  MeliaraKahlanSabriel is offline
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Originally Posted by GryffinSong
I've always felt most connected to the wands. But to my mind they are about inspiration AND creativity (which you have for cups). I'm an artist who loves nature, and the wood of the wands always reminds me of trees and growing things, in addition to the creative acts of being an artist.

I completely agree with that. For some reason the wands just speak to me especialy the queen of wands and the knight of wands.... he comes up alot when Im asking about my lovelife and seems so simmilar to someone I actualy know that I feel it is that person in card form telling me his secrets... is that weird... Anyway, I just feel the creativity, flexability and room to grow.... Also I am a Gemini, and one of the signs reprsented by wands is Leo.... the sign most compatible with Gemini... that may have somthing to do with it.
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I am definitely a WANDS person -- more because of the inspiration, the intuition and energy. I think the Swords follow because I tend to rationalize and see things as challenges when things are not so good.

How I wish I were pentacles -- (more because of the financials ... hahaha)
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