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How do you use tarot to find lost things?

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How do you use tarot to find lost things?

I lost a video game recently, (L.A.Noire) and I have looked everywhere I can think of for it- it's like it just vanished. I tried pulling cards and seeing where that led me, but nothing. All I can conclude is that I must be doing it wrong.

I used the Shadowscapes and pulled a couple of cups cards, and something else I can't remember- I do remember that the fish on one card just jumped out at me and I searched both my kitchen (because of the cups) and my kids rooms (they both have fish) to no avail.

When I'm pulling cards to find something I've lost, how many cards would you recommend? What cues should I be looking for?

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I don't really know how you would use tarot to find lost object, I mean you can, just pull 1-3 cards, but usually the answer is really hard to "decode." Have you thought of using the pendulum instead? It's an easier approach I think...
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Le Fanu 

Although didn't someone here recently lose something and draw the Wheel of Fortune and find it in the washing machine...?
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people use the tarot all the time here and I'm sure outside of A.T. to find lost objects. In fact, not sure which forum it would belong to, but you can even post what you lost and ask for help. Various people would use what ever they wish to help you find your item. most use tarot cards, some use a pendulum others use runes, whatever.

Perhaps finding what forum to put your request in and tehn doing so would help. or placing your question, drawing some more cards and after deciphering it for yourself, posting said reading here in "My Readings" to see and find other points of view.

Me, I get an impression (for what its worth) of your game being placed in a drawer like at a desk or other table. I feel like you were doing some project, such as perhaps paying bills or something, and just put the game away in a drawer. do you have a desk or table that may be hiding your game?

good luck in the finding!
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Join Date: 31 Aug 2009
Location: Arizona, United States
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Maybe Games & Fun? I'm not currently a subscriber (for shame!) so I can't get into the subscriber only threads right now. (It's partly self defense- I can't afford the trading forum, and I can't stay away!)

Maybe I will pull out a pendulum and try with that.

Celticnoodle, the ironic thing is that it is SUPPOSED to be in a drawer; our tv stand has a drawer in it where I keep all my games. The last time I saw it, I had taken out Disc 2, put disc 1 back in the case, and put the case down on the shelf below the drawer. (I still have disc 2.) I have moved the stand, emptied out the drawer three times, checked the shelves behind it, and even looked at the bottoms of the shelves just in case it happened to get stuck. I will check out other drawers around here to be safe, though. Thanks you for the help
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Games and Fun used to have a game called "Use your powers for good". Someone would deliberately take an item and hide it. Everyone else would draw cards to guess (1) what it was and (2) where it was hiding.

The game is long gone, but I still remember the spread I used.


S/LI significator/lost item
1 "this is above me"
2 "this is the general location"
3 "this is beside me"
4 "this is below me"
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Join Date: 31 Aug 2009
Location: Arizona, United States
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Oh, that's brilliant! I'll definitely use that spread. The pendulum wasn't playing nice. It took me to the two bags of chips and the open soda that my five year old had in his bedroom, but no game. I'm succumbing to a cold, though, so that's probably why.

I REALLY want to find this game so I can finish it and sell it back to the store while it's still worth something!
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Originally Posted by Amary
I REALLY want to find this game so I can finish it and sell it back to the store while it's still worth something!
There are a few spreads around here that can help to find a lost object, or you can just pull a card or a few and look at the pictures. And if the pendulum isn't working for you, you could always go post for help in the Divination forum. I've tried helping a few people just going by the images that pop into my head- so far, I've only been terribly close- only one person was able to find their object, but it was in the general area I described... for yours I keep feeling water running over my hands and seeing sunflowers... I feel like it was put under/in something; a cupboard with a door. Any rooms with running water, yellow flowers, and a base cupboard?
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Item Location Spread

OHH this is my expertise! Ok so if you want to find your lost item , you need to pull out the card in the deck that signifies the item you are looking for, yes the wheel of fortune is the best card to pull out.Then take your card and place it next to you. Do 3 card spread and then right under that one do another 3 card spread . Your wheel of fortune card must be placed to the side ,right in the middle of both spreads. Now when you ask the questions, make sure they are in detail and not one answer questions.You must also be open minded as your cards might tell you that someobody has stolen it also. Ok now read the first spread and if that does not answer your quest, then read the second spread!

I have used this spread before to find my earrings i lost. They were 24 carrot and i was so very sad that i could not find them. So i did this spread and i used the gilded deck which has lots of pictures in it with tons of detail.I picked one of the queens from the royal court as she was wearing a pair of golden earrings. Please try this spread and see what you get, it worked for me maybe it will work for you.

P.s I found them in my sock!! weird lol.
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I used this link

from this thread

to find something I was missing and it worked. From the resulting text, I knew where to look and found my item.
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