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Golden Silvery Dionna
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I got into Wyrm too! Worth getting up for just to watch those numbers go up! You deserve this MM. A true accomplishment.
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earthair  earthair is offline
Join Date: 30 Oct 2014
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Good grief - how fast does one have to type?!!!
By the time I'd logged on, the one I was backing had already gone

Babalon- I put a combined Smaug Early Bird #2+ Field guide to Creatures, but alas don't seem to be able to tell you that via Manage Pledge. Shall I just email you?
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Jules7  Jules7 is offline
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Jules7 do we add a Nox et Lux deck to our pledge? I only see the combined option,but I already backed the Colores (Yay!!!)
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frac_ture  frac_ture is offline
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Location: Providence, RI, USA
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I'm on the east coast of the US at the moment. The gates opened at 5:20am here. I got in my pledge at about 5:23 or so...and 40 other people were already on board!

Congratulations on generating so much enthusiasm, MMM -- it's so well-deserved! Can't wait to actually be using this deck...
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All early bird offers gone in an hour! Congrats!!
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mydearruby  mydearruby is offline
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Cannot believe that I am staying up to get it! (PST time)

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wooden-eye  wooden-eye is offline
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Heck Babalon. All the decks will be gone before your country folk wake up and sip enough sips of coffee to realise there was something they needed to do.
I have my deck. Mind you it is probably the first time it has been an advantage to be in a very different time-zone from the rest of the world!😁
A-mazing start.
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Babalon Jones 

Wow I am utterly blown away. I can't type fast enough to thank everyone personally but I am going to! For now just let me say thank you to all of you here. I am touched and will make this worth it - especially for those of you who had to get up early or stay up late for this!
Thank you, thank you, thank you - and I hope you all have a memorable wonderful weekend!
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I'm in too! Had a scare when I got a network error and the pledge didn't go through the first time, but I just forgot to turn off my blockers.
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JylliM  JylliM is offline
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Location: NSW, Australia
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I'm in as well. I've never done a Kickstarter before, and I accidentally changed my pledge to $1 when I tried to add some extras but managed to fix it. Thank goodness I got the email telling me what I'd done!! (Still haven't worked out how to add extra little goodies.)
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