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Dragonfly77  Dragonfly77 is offline
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Well worth waking up at dawn. I got the second early bird. So excited!
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FULLY FUNDED in under 5 hours ... drop mic
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earthair  earthair is offline
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Originally Posted by Babalon Jones View Post
Well there is a stretch goal to get the card backs blinged up with metallic or holographic foil. I thought it was a long shot but really was hoping, so this looks like maybe we will make it. Fingers crossed!!
I like bling. Yay, and well done, I can't wait to get it

Just hope that sterling doesn't fall any more against the dollar!
Can we pay you now just in case?!
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Babalon Jones  Babalon Jones is offline
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Babalon Jones 

I know, I wanted to do something for the British because of all that. Part of the reason why I offered the reduced international shipping!

Kickstarter doesn't charge the card until after the campaign ends on Aug 5 though. Only 26 days away, so hopefully there is no drastic change for you!
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Originally Posted by Dragonfly77 View Post
Well worth waking up at dawn. I got the second early bird. So excited!
I've got the first (deck & book). It was lunch time

ETA Congrat MM! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it was already funded!
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Rose Lalonde  Rose Lalonde is offline
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Rose Lalonde 

I haven't been on in a while, but wanted to say how glad I am that your goal has been exceeded already, since you didn't include anything for your effort and creativity over the years in the goal itself. Not that you can put a price on a labor of love, but I wish you great success and support in addition to seeing your deck realized. So much thought and care clearly went into it.

(I'm glad too that the time was such an easy hour in NZ. I would've rolled out of bed to get in at launch time, but I didn't need to. )
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This has to be a record time for the goal being filled (:
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Babalon Jones  Babalon Jones is offline
Join Date: 24 Oct 2010
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Babalon Jones 

Well it sure was a record for me anyway!
Thank you all, everyone. I am stunned.

I totally never expected it to happen so fast - what a whirlwind of a day! it just flew by! I am really overwhelmed with gratitude for all the kind messages and words of support here and through the Kickstarter.

The fun part comes next, getting to choose the type of bling for the card backs, foil or holograms, and planning the many ways to make the Babalon edition even more special now that all decks will get the card back treatment. I have lots of ideas, just have to decide between them what is possible in the timeframe.

That is the most fun for me, truly, even if it will mean a lot of work! I do love making things by hand (good thing as I have a lot of boxes to line!) and designing things to the best of my ability, so, a new challenge of the application of love under will.
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Originally Posted by starlightexp View Post
Thank the Gods!
owe you some no-doze LOL

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Nemia  Nemia is offline
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Babalon, you deserve it. It's the first time I ever backed a Kickstarter project, and I feel it's been an honour (and very exciting!) to be part of it.

We could see how your deck developed, the painstaking quality of your research, your artistic vision and huge talent, and also your disciplined work. I'm glad you sent out mails so we could prepare beforehand, look at your work and decide whether and how we want to back it - so often I notice only post festum that there was a deck I would have liked to back or buy. Your timing was perfect.

I'm absolutely certain that your deck won't be a seven days wonder. It will become a Classic.

For me, the Thoth was until now a lonely mountain top. I'm aware of many decks in the Thoth tradition, many of them interesting and thought-provoking. But none of them came, for me personally, close to the vision and stringency of the Thoth, my first and favorite deck. Somehow the RWS tradition seems to be easier to follow. There are many very good new decks following the RWS tradition. Thoth somehow seems a harder nut. (That's my very personal opinion, I may be wrong.)

To paint complex, abstract concepts in readable images that tap into the intuitive energy while calling up knowledge about the whole philosohpy behind it - Frieda Harris did it. And you did it, too. Without being derivative. In your totally individual and very impressive, clear artistic style.

From looking at the amazing images you produced, I can imagine that Aleister Crowley himself would have loved your deck. AND used it.

Sorry if this seems like excessive praise. I looked at the images online and that's the conclusion I came to. You deserve success and recognition. You have it, and you'll have more. It gladdens the heart to see it :-)
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