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The Silver Screen

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The Silver Screen

So, I'm a bit of an old movie and silent film junky and I was thinking about creating my own cards based on some of the images in my favorites. Before I started, I was wondering if this had already been done before...

I know a lot of the images might be under copy right, but it would be for my own personal use.
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Dolphingirl on this list has been working on her Movie Monster Tarot which includes some silent horror films I believe. Outside of that, I don't remember hearing about anyone doing silent film scenes at all.
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That's good them! My boyfriend and I were talking about it and we were running through ideas, but he was sure it had already been done a lot before. I wasn't sure at all, so I thought I'd ask.

I'm not a big horror film lover... @_@ They scare me, but that one sounds cool anyway. I know people who would like it... even if it's not for me
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I haven't heard of the silent movie deck concept at all yet.
However, even if I had I'd say do it anyway. A deck for yourself helps you better understand the card meanings and just gives you joy having made even one card your proud of.

I can see all kinds of beautiful cards in this theme wandering around my head, starting with the "Star"... hee hee... June Marlowe

The fool... Harpo Marx (he was in voiced film but the Greak god of secrets and silence was Harpocrates)...

Yes, yes, this one would be fun.... I hope you do it.
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Join Date: 17 Jan 2005
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Posts: 78

It will probably be a bit before I'm able to work on it... at least a week now (end of school!) but that isn't too far off. I'll definately do it now.

I only posted this here now because I didn't expect such a fast reply! Guess I misjudged a bit then...
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cosmic tarot

Check out the cosmic tarot-- lots of movie stars, but not the silient era...

fly well
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Silent Star


I've been watching and reading about the Silent era, so this posting really interests me. There are LOTS of films that we presently have never heard of. There were stars that were HUGE in 1925 that we don't remember at all today. Which is a shame, as some of them were really fabulous! Pola Negri or Louise Brooks come to mind.

After I watched "Sunset Boulevard" I really wanted to see star Gloria Swanson in something from her era, so I rented a film of hers in which she plays a girl-gone-wrong named Sadie Thompson. The script is basically a morality tale between Sadie's character and a somewhat self-righteous minister who is attracted to her but unwilling to allow himself to love a "fallen" woman. I will say that she definitely had presence. Even though the film was silent, she definitely knew how to make you pay attention; the mark of a true star, I think!

If I were making this deck, I would choose Katharine Hepburn in her aviatrix get-up from a film called "Christopher Strong" as my "CHARIOT" card. She really wears the Amelia Earhart garb well and comes across (to me) as both very feminine and beautiful yet also strong and powerful.

Charlie Chaplin would make a great "fool"; and wouldn't Greta Garbo make an excellent queen of swords?

Anyway, good luck with your project!

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celebrity tarot

I once created a deck out of my favourite postcards--the court cards were especially fun:

Joan Crawford/Jackie O = Queen of Wands
Joan Collins/Vanessa Redgrave= Queen of Swords
Elizabeth Taylor (as Cleopatra)= Queen of Cups
Marlene Dietrich/ Tamara de Lempicka= Queen of Pentacles...
Audrey Hepburn = Page of Pentacles

Ari Onassis was the King of Cups and for a while Maria Callas was the Moon...

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I would agree with Charlie Chaplin as the fool but I think it would be ex-eaquo with Buster Keaton.

The android of Metropolis could be the Sun (or another card that would suit better)
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