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Are spares necessary?

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I'm defiantly, boldly, proudly neurotic! The doubles are mostly for my main reading decks.

I have several Thoths and Waite-Smiths in various editions and from different countries because I like to compare the subtle differences, and because they have a way of gravitating to me. Fewer than half were purchases, and mostly they get passed on to friends that are ready to tackle Tarot for the first time. Actually now that I think of it I also have a bag of another 12 Waite-Smith decks I accumulated for the class I taught last year. But those are for teaching students so they don't count as mine.

I do have an extra copy of the original Alchemical because it's my main deck and (umm) the art edition as well cause I wanted to support Bob's work.

The International Icon is a primary deck for me so I have an extra or two. In the past, I have often bought extras of self-published decks because I may not notice the OOP flag go up until too late. And if I decide I don't need them, they can always be traded or gifted to someone.

I also picked up a whole stack of Liber T's from the Llewellyn sale. Not sure how many cause I've given several away. In fact I may have bought the last ones they had because they were too cheap to resist, and make great gifts for skeptical Thoth friends besides.

And someone gave me an extra Druidcraft set that I've been hanging on to because it's such a terrific deck.

Any other extras are trade decks that pass in and out of my hands over time...

Own the neurosis! Be the neurosis!

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I'm one of those radical card-trimmers, so I get an extra copy of decks I love, then trim one.

I have an extra Fey, Osho Zen, Faerie Oracle, Robin Wood, Spiral and Rohrig. I've trimmed all of those but the Faeries, who might tickle me to death if I trimmed THEM.
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The only extra deck I have is the Haidl, and that's because I'd forgotten that I already owned a copy when I bought the second one (which explains why I finally typed out a list of my decks).

I've only had to buy one replacement deck, and that was for the miniature Rider-Waite. I lost my deck at a friend's house and it was just easier to buy a new one.

I have thought about buying the smaller version of the Thoth deck. My hands are too small for the large deck (and mine's the putrid green haze version).
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I have owned the Ship of Fools Tarot for about 24 hours. I just ordered another one. This baby is going to get used until it is falling to pieces, so I want a back-up!
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oh no. Was it my fault?
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I don't own any spares, but I was thinking of getting another copy of the Revelation Tarot, since that is the only deck that I used for public readings (meaning other people, except for myself, has touch them).

I think that is the only deck that I will probably get a spare....
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What a great thread! Well, I generally don't keep copies although I do admit to having a couple of decks which are the same type but different sizes.

My main Rider Waite is complemented by a giant sized copy for teaching purposes. Then there is the pocket version which was my second ever purchase and my most used deck. Suitably worn at the edges it's lost its "clean" look and is one of the most often selected by my clients. It's well travelled and well loved.

I also have a couple of Hanson Roberts decks but again it's because I had the deck with the book and then spotted a lovely mini set which is great for the handbag. Irresistible and very handy.

I sometimes find I buy an extra deck without knowing why and then I find someone who wants it. I'm with Valeria here! I trust my instincts.

Some of you have some great duplicates!!! I would LOVE to have the Victoria Regina set and the Alchemical but they change hands for so much on ebay they are beyond me I'm afraid.

Hopefully I can get more involved on this site and do some trading or buying.

Fingers crossed.

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Pagan X 

"I do have two copies of the Aquarian, my oldest deck - my original is just a bit too fragile to read with anymore. I don't like the new one as well though, and am keeping my eye out for a less well-worn copy that has the solid blue back. "

they turn up on eBay all the time. I also have a couple of Aquarians, my original well-beloved and a pristine eBay purchase.

The new one by US Games just doesn't have the same vibrant colors.

I bought four copies of the Halloween: two for me and two for gifts! We have three copies of several decks in my house: one for me, one for my husband, and one for my son.
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I don't have spares. I'd like some for very few decks - but these are super-rare anyway (that's why I want spares, of course). I would love to be able to read my Dusserre Dodal to death, but I daren't

Perhaps I should, after all? To quote Alice in Wonderland (she is following me around today): "you're just a pack of cards!"

In the old days, a gipsy reader would not be able to afford spares. She cherished her one deck until it fell to pieces. I have many more than one deck, so why worry about spares at all?

But still, I don't read my Dusserre Dodal to death. Or my Alchemical. I treat them like Royalty and bring them out on special occasions.
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Originally Posted by geministar
I have never thought about or brought spare copies of decks but only recently Ive been thinking about my favourite decks and worry about them becoming worn and faded some day so if I ever find out about them going OOP I will buy a second copy but at this stage I dont feel a need to get 2nd copies
That's the thing-----I haven't ever figured out how to know ahead of time when a deck will go OOP and always find out when the price goes ridiculously high.
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