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Little Baron 

Originally Posted by cirom
So personally there has to be a compelling reason to do so, and one of those reasons has to be that at least by your own criterea you can attempt to improve on what you did before, and in doing so also incorporate something that is new or different within the tarot context. The later is the most challenging, with so many variations of decks to choose from it seems every possible shape size and theme has been covered.
As usual, your skill is flawless, Ciro.

But when I opened the image, and it unraveled down my screen, I was just hoping for something that didn't look as though it could have slipped into either of your previous two decks unnoticed. And for me, this does not do that. It looks like another portrait (well executed, as always), that for me, could be part of the Gilded or Tarot of Dreams. And in that, I was disappointed.

I hope you feel this to be a fair comment.

Your skill is of such a high standard that I would love to see something completely different from you. Something that is out of your comfort zone. I think, with a darker palette perhaps, that you could drench your deck with a dark air and many warm veils. Offer the dark deck of sophistication and muted glamour that everyone out there yearns for, as an example.

I would just like to see what a Ciro deck would look like with the light switched off, rather than on. With the edges of it's overall feel blurred a little. A deck you have to really look into to understand.

I hope you find this to be constructive critisism with ALL of the best of intentions.


Edited to Add: I bet you were waiting for me to come in here and make a mess of the thread I hope you don't take my opinions personally, in any way. I am just very passionate about tarot, art, and their colaboration. And I feel that with your skill, you could stretch much, much further than this.
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Originally Posted by LittleBuddha
I hope you find this to be constructive critisism with ALL of the best of intentions.

Your comments are well taken, no problem, and while my style is my style, like it or leave it, I can assure you this deck will not be a glorified portrait gallery. If that were the case I'd simply produce one every once in a while and add them to my web site and be done with it rather than embark on a tarot project that will take over a year.

The sample image shown here is a work in progress it does not represent the finished card. She is the main character certainly and as such her expression and looks is an integral part of the performance but she will not be alone on the stage so to speak. I'm confident (well maybe not confident, but at least hopefull) that there will be sufficient visual content, not just detail or subjective style, to get your tarot and meditative teeth into :-)

As for a darker deck, once again I think you will be less dissapointed, as indeed some drafts I have for certain cards are far less "sugary". Ironically of course I'm a little concerned that the further I go in that direction the more one risks alienating other tarot enthusiasts who don't react as well to that look and feel and therein lies the usual dilemma of not be able to satisfy everyone. I intend to do what I did with the Tarot of Dreams, and I'll share certain number of card images during the production process with a select group of people for critique and feedback, and will as before consider their comments and possibly make modifications accordingly. But utimately as Mr Sinatra used to has to do it your own way.
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Join Date: 18 Aug 2002
Location: UK
Posts: 9,963
Little Baron 

I will try and save comment for future cards, as I appreciate it is diffficult to gain an idea of the whole picture with just the one window to view.

I also understand that you have a distinct style. It is instantly recognisable. My only fear is that from another perspective, it might become just the third 'Ciro deck'. The Gilded was immensely popular, but for me, the 'Tarot of Dreams' was just a tighter version of what already existed. For a viewer [or a fan of your work], would they really want another shadow of what already exists? Sometimes, it may be a gamble but I think it makes sense for an artist to take a completely different direction - for a new audience to find you, rather than just trying to feed the one you already have.

These comments are all a little hollow at the moment, since I have not seen how this project will turn out. But they are thoughts that I believe in.

As always, regardless of my own personal tastes and preferences, I wish you all the best with your work and hope it brings both success and personal satisfaction.

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wow. She is very compelling! I love her face, and how she does indeed embody the wands energy.

I do love your style, Ciro. I love the surreal and festive carnivale land that all your creations seem to revel in!

But like littleBuddah, I was sort of hoping to see something that comes from a different place...still within your unique and wondrous fantastical style...but coming from maybe a different kingdom? or another Time?
She does definitely seem to dance not far from the realm of Dreams, or from the Gilded lands!

I saw your comments on "less sugary" fare...and do hope for something a bit darker as well!

But so far, she is very intriguing. and I do hope to see some more things from your creative hand...

Will they be more gypsyish? or more theatrical folks in this deck...inclined towards the performing arts? (Coming from a performer...that would be very cool!)

And you know, that if you do another deck, it will be well received in the tarot community. Your art certainly holds a place of honor within the tarot images and archetypes.

I wouldn't worry about saturating the market. After all, some of my favorite tarot artists (Menegazzi, Folchi...) certainly haven't worried about that!
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Join Date: 17 Jul 2003
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Originally Posted by Chronata
..but coming from maybe a different kingdom? or another Time?
You have no idea how near to the mark you are in that choise of phrase. Keep that post on file. I think you'll find it very interesting to refer to in about a year from now.

And we certainly do have a common love of masks and masquerades don't we. You should see my house, my neighbours think I work for Cirque du Soleil:-)
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I go away for 4 days and come back to this .......... well, stick my name on the pre-order list please Ciro
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Milfoil  Milfoil is offline
Bending Clouds
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Beautiful, no other word for it.

I just bought your Gilded tarot today - love the style. Can't wait to see more . . .
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Originally Posted by trismegistus
I'd pay good money for a set of Majors alone.
I'd pay good money for a set of those earrings!
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Fantastic, love her attitude! Perfect for an Amazon, don't-****-with-me warrior queen! And that sounds like such a great idea, Ciro, the way you are thinking to collate the decks randomly. I would love this deck, I think!
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Ohh I love it!

Wow! She's magnetic!! I wonder if she is a gatekeeper or another dimension.

Amazing energy!!
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