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the phantomwise tarot - deck in progress

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alizarin  alizarin is offline
Join Date: 14 Jan 2004
Location: salem, ma usa
Posts: 89

I'm sure most of you have seen this by now, but just in case:

Adam McLean's Limited Edition Artwork Tarots No 15. The Phantomwise Tarot

I couldn't be more thrilled with how they turned out.

And now I really should get to work on the minors...
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Papageno  Papageno is offline
Join Date: 05 Oct 2006
Location: where
Posts: 2,342

It's fantastic

I ordered my copy as soon as I saw the announcement this morning.

Great way to start the day
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Chronata  Chronata is offline
Join Date: 03 Jun 2003
Location: A State of Grace...and Cheese
Posts: 9,396

Me too!

I am just ever so excited to get this deck!

I had money set aside, as it was one of the few decks I HAD to have...that was on my wishlist!

This makes me a very happy bunny this morning!
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Vadella's Avatar
Vadella  Vadella is offline
Join Date: 17 Apr 2005
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Posts: 1,444

Just seeing this now....

I absolutely adore your artwork. Very much my style.

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Pao's Avatar
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Join Date: 05 Oct 2006
Location: Currently in the Twilight Zone
Posts: 5,759

oh no i LOVE it! i cant keep buying more decks!! simply beautiful its going on my list!
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Join Date: 21 May 2004
Location: Brisbane. Australia
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Little Hare 

CONGRATS!!!!! Woooohoo! I love this deck, its amazing I hope you sell loads... I for one will be grabbing a copy when i get a bit more cash....

Congrats, this deck really is superb!
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Solandia's Avatar
Solandia  Solandia is offline
Forum Admin
Join Date: 02 Aug 2001
Location: Brisbane, Australia
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Congratulations on the Phantomwise Tarot going into print!

~ Solandia
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truelighth  truelighth is offline
Join Date: 16 Mar 2002
Location: The Netherlands
Posts: 2,102

Congratulations on the majors in print. I immediately ordered a copy! I really think your art is wonderful. Looking forward to the minors
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Sidhe-Ra's Avatar
Sidhe-Ra  Sidhe-Ra is offline
Join Date: 24 Nov 2005
Location: Kernow
Posts: 3,681

Wonderful news! Congratulations, I know that Adam will have done a wonderful job- did you go for matte or gloss laminate? I too am a great admirer of your work!

Em xx
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baba-prague  baba-prague is offline
Join Date: 24 Nov 2002
Location: Prague, wonderful Prague, Czech Republic
Posts: 7,626

Congratulations, the deck looks great!
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