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Originally Posted by Egypt Urnash

The tentative new name, "The Silicon Dawn Tarot", is of course referring to its roots in the Golden Dawn (my main references for the pips and courts were Book T and the Book of Thoth), as well as to the fact that it's made amidst the Information Age.
With the recent confusion over the 2 Golden Tarots, I just thought I'd point out that the Silicon Valley Tarot has been out for quite awhile.
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Originally Posted by RiccardoLS
Any news about this deck?
Anyone knows?

Per the artist's site (, the artwork for the deck has been completed, with a limited number of handmade decks available.

No publisher... yet (how about LS, Ric?!)
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Egypt Urnash 

So what's been up with the Silicon Dawn Tarot? Not much, lately. I've been busy with other projects - mostly a dirty comic book (NSFW), but also a flurry of commissions, and a few months down in New Orleans last winter consulting on an animated music video. And various non-image-oriented distractions like getting ready to move across the country.

As it stands, the deck is eight cards away from total completion - I've finished the traditional 78, obviously, along with a few of the extras the Muse insisted on, but I still have the Void court, one Fool, and three of the four 99s to finish. I do sometimes wonder if the Void court and the 99s are really part of the whole vision; sometimes they seem more like a joke and the serious counterweight to the joke. I probably need to spend a day just contemplating them and playing with sketches and notes.

And, of course, the other big hurdle is getting off my ass and hunting a publisher. It's been languishing because I am really, really terrible at writing about myself, at selling myself. I have a handful of small decks sitting around that didn't sell at the last con I went to; I'm seriously thinking of not worrying about a detailed cover letter, just a brief one and a deck, and some printouts of some of the stuff I've written about the cards in the deck's blog as a hint to what a book written by me would be like.

(As to the Silicon Valley deck, well, the SV is long out of print. When I settled on the 'Silicon Dawn' name I e-mailed Steve Jackson Games to see if they felt there would be a conflict, and got back email saying they were cool with it.)
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A while ago, LS would not have been interested.
Today... maybe.
I must say that it's not a deck I forgot about.

I'll take the liberty of submitting the deck to my boss attention.
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Originally Posted by RiccardoLS
...I'll take the liberty of submitting the deck to my boss attention.
Woo-hoo! That would be wonderful if he green-lighted it! There are a lot of us who would like to see this deck get published.
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Originally Posted by karenquilter
There are a lot of us who would like to see this deck get published.

Hear, hear!
It is a most original deck, and would be sure to have a large following among the enormous number of avid deck collectors who post on this forum.
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strings of life 

Egypt Urnash, your deck is stunning - wow. I loved viewing your original drawings (at the beginning of the thread) and seeing the final versions. I do hope it gets picked up by a publisher.

There's an art deco feel here that I am all over. And, that The Moon card .
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Curtis Penfold 

Alright, I just saw this, ran through them, and thought they were AMAZING!

Really modern. Something a lot of people can relate with. This is taking magik and making it new. Jazz meets Tarot. Very cool.
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Any luck finding a publisher for these yet?

I just stumbled across this deck here, and I really like it. It would be a shame for this deck to go unpublished.

Very expressive art, I love how rowdy they are. I can honestly say I have yet to find a modern sci-fi style deck I like, but this one is fantastic.
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Little Hare 

So Riccardo did your boss get back to you about this deck?
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