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Tyldwick Lenormand!!! (Malpertuis, Chelsea, Lothrop, Sputnik, Arabian)

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The Happy Squirrel 

Originally Posted by Essjay View Post
I received my Malpertuis Lenormand yesterday and it's lovely. I haven't read with it yet but the art is gorgeous as are the gilt edges. I was swayed by the upcoming companion deck to the Malpertuis. I've forgotten the name! Also, the Tyldwick is one of my favourite tarts so it seemed daft not to have the Lenormand along the same vein.

Eta: The Legend of the Wizard Laird is the upcoming deck, hopefully before Christmas. It looks wonderfully spooky and atmospheric.

Oh I like that one! Very much like the Malpertuis and Tyldwick in feel though! Can't wait so see a bit more of those cards!
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Originally Posted by The Happy Squirrel View Post
Oh I like that one! Very much like the Malpertuis and Tyldwick in feel though! Can't wait so see a bit more of those cards!
Yes! That's what I thought too! Honestly, I can't get enough of decks with this vibe. I really want the creator to do silver gilding this time though.
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Medievalist that I am, I'm looking forward to the Silson. He says it's to look as old as the TdM; I think it looks older than the TdM! (I should have a TdM that looks that old... I mean the total style, including the calligraphy and the Latin!)
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I am super looking forward to the Legend of the Wizard Laird! I think it's actually going to be one of the most perfect decks for me. I really love my Malpertuis, but I like the darker focus of the Wizard Laird. I also have the Tyldwick but I am still trying to grasp tarot so I appreciate it more from the artistic angle.

Actually, did any of you notice that Neil had a contest last month? I was lucky and won two decks of my choice. I ended up getting the Lothrop (Uncolored Ed.), and The Old Arabian Lenormand.

The card stock is super great and thick, and I love the matte gilt edges. I hope he releases some matte decks. All though they won't be as resilient, I think it would really suit his style.
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