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Fey Reversals

I'm pretty new to this forum, but as i just got this deck a few weeks ago, i wanted to add my input. For right now, all the readings that i've done with this deck don't really present themselves very well with reversals. Overall i'm okay with reversals, I use them in my RW deck. But with the Fey deck, the meanings are so clear and loud just as they are, i haven't found the need to use them with reversals. Perhaps in time after i've been using this deck for a while i'll use reversals, but for right now, i just don't feel comfortable doing that. Also, i think it's important to note that i use this deck for fairly general questions. I still note all the Earth, Air, Fire, and Water cards, as well as the number of Major cards, and use that info in the reading, so i do go more indepth than just the general card meaning. But overall, like i said, i don't feel the need to use reversals. Again, this is ALL IMHO!! I know this issue hasn't had many posts in a while, but i just thought i'd add my two cents. I LOVE THE FEY!!
I just wanted to get this out there,

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I'm also a beginner and from my perspective I'd have to say in answer to your question about the Fey deck being okay for beginners...I'm having a difficult time with it. I found that when I go back to the Rider deck and cross reference, I do better. I can't exactly look at the cards and read what they're telling me, but I can have the basic understanding (Thirteen's basic), and use the numbers and suits to tell me a little about the cards. Some fey cards are simple. What you see is what you get. Others however need the basic understanding of Rider-Waite version. Just my opinion. I still have yet to find a deck that talks to me, but I'm not giving up on the search. Dang, these cards get expensive! Not to mention, addictive!

Good luck to you with your Fey cards. Aren't they the cutest?!
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Back to reversals...

With my little knowledge of cards so far, I'd have to say that for every down side there is an up side, so I don't feel the need to do reversals. What's the point? I don't go through life reading signs upside down, and I tend to be somewhat organized in life, at least I I'm up for reading them for what they are, and not trying to read more hocus pocus into them. Just my feel for them I guess. As long as you're happy, I think your family, friends and clients will be happy. It's you're energy they will feel. No need for the confusion!
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I have been reading a book suggested by umbrae called Tarot and the Tree of Life. (Kleigman) I know very little about kabballah, but this book examines the minors and court wrt the Tree of Life. What's that got to do with the question you all ask? The book goes through the cards, speaking not of upright or reversed, but the positive and not so positive aspects of each situation which the card portrays.
For example, the two of swords. Often a situation where you are mentally stuck because you keep going and forth and can't decide. Or you just don't want to see what is happening because you can't deal with it. What's the positive side? Well, in almost any relationship there are a ton things that you chose 'not to see'. Almost no relationship could survive if folks didn't simply choose 'not to see' something. Or, you just decide it isn't worth the fight because it is good relationship in general. Then she circles back and mentions, 'but if you go too far with this...' etc. all without reversals, just noting the positive and negative aspects of all the cards.
All that said, I generally still use reversals, but this book is having an influence. btw, I still read the Fey upright, though not most of my decks.
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There are many ways to use Reversal. By far, the most common provide a different set of menaings if the cards end up reversed.
The risk in this method, is to forget there is an intimate connection between the upright menaing and the reversed meaning. It is not like the Reversal is a trick to have 2 x 78 cards in a deck... rather the reversal meaning could be found starting from the upright meaning.

Beside, the way You look at Reversal may be dependant on the kind of reading You are currently doing.
For instance You may decide that the upright card refers to conscious forces and the reverse card to unconscious.
Or You may decide for "help" and "hindrance"... "active" and "passive", etc...
Imho, the best way is to incorporate the use of not of reversal inside the spread you are actually using at the moment.

Also, a beginner may skip up the whole process until she feel ready to cope with it and it's confortable enough with upright cards.

Anyway, the best source for an advanced understanding of reversal is imho Mary Greer book.


I designed the Fey to be used by Beginners. But it's up to tem to actually say if it works or not.


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This may sound like a real dumb question. But here goes anyway..!
How do you 'reverse' cards?
I used to do this the Quest Tarot's way, which is to reverse one third of the deck, everytime after shuffling it three times. Well, this process worked fine with the Quest but turned out to be quite arduous; besides many cards come up reversed to my disappointment.
I once read that you should only reverse a 'few' cards, and if many reversed ones show up in a row, you have to repeat the shuffling of cards.
Is there a 'proper' way to reverse cards, so that you only get a handful of them or so, and how do you choose those ones?
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Greeting- nice to see you making your way around the forums-
I have a queston for ya'
Are you asking about reversals with the Fey deck specifically?
'cuz your in the Fey study group
We have many many threads in Using Tarot on reversals, it's a big subject around here-
But if It's the Fey you want to know about-
I use reversals with all my decks EXCEPT when reading with my Fey deck, I never felt that they should be turned around, it's not in thier nature. A deck has enough cards that hit on the down side of life, they arn't really neccissary.
I like using reversals- though, it adds to the intensity of the message.
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Reversals- Fey seems happy

I have never had an issue using reversals; however, it seems to me the Fey tarot is too full of joy for negative meanings using reversals. That being said, it would be interesting to put together a page of meanings for reversals using Fey. Maybe we can split up the cards and come up with our own definitions. If anyone is interested...let me know.
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Sure... I think we could find a lot of meanings
for "reversals" that wouldn't even be negative.
Reversals have so many possibilities...
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That does sound interesting.

But, I'm just a beginner, and don't read with reversals too often. Besides, I like the idea of giving my intuition a work out by keeping all of the cards upright and then working out which would have been reversed. So in that sense, I think coming up with a list of meanings for reversals would be interesting, because you could use them even if the cards aren't reversed. If that makes sense.

It'd be interesting to read what people come up with, but I'm not sure that I'd participate - at least not too much - as I'm still getting to know this deck, having done one reading with it so far, lol.

Good idea, though! I hope it works out.
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