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Intuitive Fey excercise #3

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Join Date: 22 Jan 2005
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I found out before doing the exersices I forgot to put the deck into the right order again.
I realy hate it when I can't find the cards I want to get out of the deck.

Going off to read both of your posts now.
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My initial element was water... but I think I have identified, through the words that came to my mind, a yearning for fresh air...
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Next Phase--

(to be continued in this thread, please make postings here)

Take all six cards and arrange them as you see fit for the question you asked into this spread:

1. issue situation
2. self
3. enviroment/surroundings
4. obsticals
5. advise
6. outcome

Give explination of why the cards where put into the position?
Next mix up the cards and do a throw that is 'random' using the same spread.

How do they compare?
What of the element & word associations that you came up with played into the hand picked spread and the random one?
Which seemed to have the most impact on your view of your situation?
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Join Date: 15 Dec 2003
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Aaagh, doing this was pushing me into several parallel universes! Or twisting me into a mobius strip at first, but by the end I was all straightened out

My question was "How can I reconnect with warmth?" (element of fire)--caused by the interminable cold rain here for DAYS. I had said in that first post of drawn cards that nurturing others and myself was helping me feel warmer. Both in discussion and in physical ways (took a hot bath).

So when it came to placing cards on the spread, I had no problem with the issue, but after that, I could rationalize anything for the meaning in placing the other cards. I had 5 cards in lots of different arrangements, finding logic in each of them. I finally settled on:

1. issue situation--
Moon--feeling cold and longing to connect with warmth, drawing possible plans in the sand, perhaps
2. self--
perhaps 9 wands fits this best--looking out, wanting to do something active and warming, hesitating
3. environment/surroundings--
if this is the cold rain, then maybe Knave of Pentacles for the blue skin and cold wind?
4. obstacles--here I got stuck--finally chose Magician (r) for being unable to change the weather? Powerless in one way, (but then I did something to create warmth in another way?)
5. advice--here I wanted the Magician for "do something--create warmth in new ways!" but since that's already used, I picked the Empress for "go nurture someone, feel the warmth within from giving"
6. outcome--which leaves the Devil for feeling warm--generating my own heat. But he's a mindless consumer in the process, addicted to his trees, and I'm thinking a LOT here Could I use the "addicted" for addicting to wanting warmth in Spring?

Whichever, the Devil outcome would be warmth of a kind, which goes with the only card with obvious fire element.

To do the random throw helped take all my dithering out of the choices--and several turned out the same! or made total sense to me, compared to my trying to figure out precise arrangements. I got:
1. issue -- Moon (yes!)
2. self -- Devil -- well, if reversed, he might be cold, or blocked from taking action to get warm, perhaps?
3. environment -- Knight of Pentacles -- this goes with the blue skin and cold wind of my own choice
4. obstacles -- Magician -- again, this matched my idea of a reversal implying my powerlessness to change the weather.
5. advice -- 9 wands -- meaning "get moving!"? Stop complaining about the cold up in my hole and get out there.
6. outcome -- Empress -- feeling warmth from nurturing? Well, that was part of what happened!

This choice makes sense for the elements I saw in the cards--that fire was not in any of them in an obvious way except the Devil.

As for word associations--generally I had found associations of fuel and how it's used, power and reflections of power (moon reflecting Sun), and in all of that, there's the idea of taking what you need and doing what you need to achieve your goal (warmth, in this case).

Lunafey, what an interesting exercise! It really made me think of all the angles of each card, trying to fit each into the spread. It was a relief to have the tarot pick the cards for the second spread--and I could still think of the angles but without the ultimate decision of which one was "right."

I could just let the tarot be right, and figure out why/how. That closely relates to how I see the Cosmos, Spirit, and my free will role to make something of what I am given.

I feel I've been validated, somehow (and so many of my word associations were philosophical). Very cool how the tarot responded to my weather question in a way that gave me a philosophical puzzle to figure out.
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Join Date: 22 Mar 2002
Location: in a CAve up in the hills
Posts: 5,720

Air was my element and my question was in regards to my ex and his relationship with his daughter, and what I have to deal with to keep my daughter healthy.

issue/situation: 9 of Wands- the image totally reflects my desire to keep my daughter safe and protect her. I cannot go as far as to hid her from her father, that would get me into trouble.
The spyglass represents my watchful eye on her father's behavior and treatment of her.

self: Empress, she had to go here. This is my soul/personality card. Again the image shows that protective nature as well as compassion and comforting.

Enviroment: Knave of Pentacles; this was the position & card I was left with after placing all the rest. Not sure what I can see as far as a connection/meaning. Perhaps it is on of breaking away and finding new territory, finding a new way around (the court system).

obsticals: Devil, another like the Empress, it just fits. This was the card I pulled in regards to my question. I mentioned then that my ex is a capricorn. The devil's traditional meaning describes this guy perfectly, controlling and addictive, he play's the prince of lies.

advise: Magician; quite simple, control, but in a way that is opposite of the Devil.
More about use than abuse and creation, and making things happen the way that nature & the spirit intends for them to be.

outcome: Moon; my past experiences leave me wondering if I can ever get things going they way that is best for my daughter. The courts are worthless, but it's the only way. They have failed me in several situations. Dissapointment? oh yes! I don't know what could happen, I suppose more of the same. The prince of lies spews his garbage, attempting to decieve the courts, they don't agree with him, but they don't really take into consideration that the lies are a fine example of his personality. So it is a mystery to me...what could be the end result? and why the end results have been they way that they have. To happen again would be a mystery, expected, but still a mystery.

Hand-Picked Notes:

9 of wands
My words that came into play here are endless: will this situation be resolved soon, before she's 18? The other word became a matter of reflective thought. The Knave suggested that I might find another way. My word 'monocular' suggests that I might have a bit of tunnel vision because of the past experiences and outcomes.

dream to have my daughter safe & happy with us

Knave of Pentacles
Echo, history repeates its self? definatly drifting and not taking any forward action. Just watching everything closely.

Silent and trees, sort of explains the 'hidden in the hills' placement of my ex. He basically stays at home, tucked way back in the woods. No one sees or hears him.

Message- There is one someplace, just have to figure it out. Not specifically within the thread (even though there is) but one coming from an outside source...source of power?
Tiny- continue to play small? Mouse is about scrutiny and I'm just gathering all the things he has done to scrutinize.

Dead- is this a fight that I cannot win? Cycles; here we go again, going to court again will be the third time. Solid & firm, might this suggest the 'evidence' I will have? Will it be the judgement that is layed down? In my favor because it took this many times for him to develope a reputation in the courts and they are now convinced of his ways?

Random Throw:

issue/situation: Magician; The desire to create a healthy (controled) and stable enviroment for my daughter. Finding the power, the right 'spell' to make it happen. Going to court and having them decide in my favor.
Of my words to this card, special, unique, individual...all explains a mother's child. Sun, my daughter is a Leo, so there is another astrological connection with this card.

self: Knave of Pentacles; made me think. I can see that the suits element connects with my natal chart that is packed with earthly influences. I'll look at this as a suggestion. That I can rise above this issue and find what I need where it only looks empty. Again, finding another way, something that I have thought about. This avenue is one that would give the system information and they would get if from my daughter. I just don't know if there is any service out there that fits my needs.
My words here, drifting; I'm so drifting, floating with this situation, becuase I don't know what to do and they way it is supposed to be done has not worked. Shadow is what I feel hangs over my head.

Enviroment: Devil; again, I look to the dad here again. His enviroment is not a good one. He orders her around (his little slave) and refuses to talk with her about the things she wants to talk about (like why he won't go to work). She's not happy when she goes with him, but it is court ordered, therefore I'm bound to send her off to him every other week.
I found no word connections here.

obsticals: 9 of Wands- this was another card that made me think. What about protecting my daughter is an obstical? Well, we know the courts are not much help. But what of this 9? Going back to the monocular view, perhaps I'm not seeing the way to my goal. Or that I'm not ready for some reason to take that leap (with custody papers to the courts) again. The words from the hand-picked lay out fit in here quite well.

advise: Empress- Keep up the nurturing and protective attitude. Keeping watchful observation over the events that my daugher has to face. The image relfects where I sit as far as where I live, I can look out over the lands, 'says' bring her home...
The words from the empress, sight, awareness & knowledge, watching over my daughter and finding knowledge that will put me on that other route to resolve this. Fight; it will come to this no matter what. Dreams- what I want, I want my daughter with me.

outcome: Moon.....see hand picked explination.

First thing I notice is that the Moon still finds itself in the outcome position.
The Knave that ended up being put in position last (in the hand picked) with out any logic came up in the self position. That made me think, and the 9 of Wands in the obsticals position threw me as well. I found the Magician, Devil and Empress all fitting where they fell.
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Hmmm. I will not go into too many details here (aka, I keep my interpretations to myself... sorry for this but it is pretty personal).

Handpicked was:

1. The issue, the situation: Knave of Pentacles
2. The self: The Moon
3. Environment, Surroundings: The Devil
4. Obstacles: 9 of Wands
5. Advice:The Empress
6. Outcome: The Magician

Just adding that I loathe giving myself the advice of the Empress, and that the outcome is purely wishful thinking...

The random throw was - more likely to be real - this:

1. The issue, the situation: Knave of Pentacles
2. The self: The Moon
3. Environment, Surroundings: The Magician
4. Obstacles: The Empress
5. Advice:9 of Wands
6. Outcome: The Devil

I do not like it but it is probably closer to what's really up here!


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Join Date: 22 Mar 2002
Location: in a CAve up in the hills
Posts: 5,720

Wow Simone....interesting how your two throws compare.
The first two cards remained the same and then the Magician and Devil swaped places as well as the Wands and Empress....
Tell me, did you feel like you ended up looking in a mirror?
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Question- Fire Element

What I chose
1. issue situation-knave of pentacles
2. self-9 of wands
3. enviroment/surroundings-the moon
4. Obstacles-the devil
5. Advise-The magician
6. Outcome-The Empress

1. issue situation-knave of pentacles
Because my question deals with application and study of something and because This is the card That I picked when thinking of the question.I wanted to know if pursuing an interest of mine would prove beneficial to me and would I have talent for it. This card feels like an adventure or a journey into the unknown

2. self-9 of wands
I put this card in this position because it reminds me of my personality about starting something. I'm usually fearful about all the unforeseen events and possibilities. The two fey remind me of the past and present personalities of myself. In the past I would be the fey sitting fully inside the tree. She looks to be thinking about things and these thoughts keep her frozen. The other fey reminds me of how I am now still observant and cautious about the world but willing to take a chance with some things.

The key words exercises seem to fit this position for me too fearful emotions the instinct to hide and the watchfulness of my nature to danger and the unforeseen.

3. enviroment/surroundings-the moon
I have been really getting in touch with my inner voice and intuition. My mental environment has been very moon like.

The keywords fit here also for my question. The journey into self for the unknown parts of psyche. Tapping into my uniqueness and talents. Interest in the metaphysical.

4. Obstacles-the devil

would be the constant worry from previous conditioning and letting these thoughts prevent me from pursuing things and moving forward.

I chose this card for the obstacles position because breaking free of doubts and taking control are issues I have trouble with. These issues likely to hinder me when I'm thinking of pursuing something. Being too influenced by others are also things I need to work on.

The keywords lost of reason and the feeling of being overpowered fits in well here for me because these feelings are major hinderances to me when trying to achieve something.

5. Advise-The magician
Take matters in my own hand and make things happen. Be confident in self and my abilities

Because this is something I need to work on and is a major issue. By applying the energy of the magician I feel I will be able to achieve my dreams

The keywords power concentration and accomplishment stand out as messages to me here. Also the magick element here because it revolves around my question.

6. Outcome-The Empress
I put this card in this position because I'm hoping that with self determination I will be able to achieve the empress state of mind in this area. Confidence in self-Good use of intuition and the ability to help others.

The key words confidence, comfort, insight and inner peace are elements I want to achieve from exploring my goal so it fits nicely in the outcome position

1. issue situation-the magician
2. self-the devil
3. enviroment/surroundings-the empress
4. obstacles 9 of wands
5. advise-the moon
6. outcome-knave of pentacles

Everything changed positions but their meanings to me did not change much, they did however become clearer. The devil and the 9 of wands switched places. ( I suspected the devil might end up in the self position ) But I felt they spoke of the same things and therefore were connected to each other. It makes it clearer to me that the transformation I'm going through is bigger than the 9 of wands. It has to deal with letting go of childhood conditioning and other experiences that affected me on a larger scale. The obstacles do come from that conditioning but are not a major derailment at this time. I'm being nurtured through a time of growth and insight which represents my environment and the Empress........ this card here I felt was also was a wake up call for me to acknowledge and appreciate how much growth I have already gone through. Advice is to keep nurturing my intuition because it builds my inner confidence and it looks like the outcome answers my question completely because it indicates going on that adventure and therefore gaining new experiences of independence.

So All in all although each card was in a different position they all, I felt, related to the other card in the same position. All in all this exercise has been very insightful. Looking at different layers of the same question and how they connect.
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I'm sorry to say I have to quite the Fey exercises for now.
I'm planning to bould all of my current activeties on AT off untill june/ july.
I'll still be online for those months but I don't want to delay everything.
In this study group I get the feeling that I'll be holding up the group and it would turn out everyone will have to wait on my posts.
So I'm leaving before this is going to happen.

Have fun everyone!

Love and light

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