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Decks you would like to see in a new edition (due to design flaws, card stock etc)

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I'm another for the Spiral Tarot by Kay Steventon. Border-less (or a more tamed color border) and larger cards would make this deck superb! It has beautiful images that smothers quite a bit in the card size and border crunch. It's a shame to see it suffer so! And, odd I'm sure I'll be, I actually like the backings! But with all of this said, I love it so, so much. It still, with these "flaws" reads like a book for me.

Yes, Shadowscapes! I've said it (along with a great many others) please give us larger images! I so do long to gaze into this beautiful deck without a magnifying glass! Every time I use this deck I feel as though I'm missing out on truly appreciating it entirely because I just can't fully take in and admire the artwork as I'd like. It masks my intuition. It's like I'm trying to read it with a veil over it or something. Frustrating. Card stock could sure use some protein, beef it up a bit

I agree with the others about the Mystic Dreamer as well. Such beautiful imagery crammed inside those throat choking boarders! Again such a shame. It needs to be freed from it's boarder prison! Wow, how amazing the images would be without the boarder "scarf"!

The Paulina. Oh, how I do love thee. I need you to be bigger so I can stare at you and admire you without squinching my eyes 'til they hurt. But your card stock is great

I'd love to see the Tarot of Vampyres in a larger images, more sturdy card stock edition as well. If it were about the size of The Bohemian Gothic, that would work I think. Still shuffle-able but large enough to see the details. I'd like that immensely!
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Originally Posted by celticnoodle View Post
Everyday Witch. I LOVE the deck, but not the card stock. I'd like to see it on better stock. I will always keep the one I have, but if they do reprint it on better stock, I'd buy the 2nd copy as well. I can always use the excuse that I need two copies for both granddaughters when they are older.
Better cardstock and pocket sized, for me.
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The Cosmic Tarot... with a new Ten of Swords Becasuen the current one has to be a gross design fault (TIC)
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Originally Posted by Wheel of Fantastic View Post
Albano Waite

I'd like a new, better quality, printing - less blurry, restore the lavender skies of the Page, Knight and Queen of Pentacles to that of the 1968 deck.

Keep the laminated cardstock though, this is one of the odd cases where lamination actually suits this deck.
I would love a new printing of Albano-Waite.
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Originally Posted by Carojulie View Post
Then you would need two copies of the good cardstock reprint, otherwise how would you chose which grand-daughter to present with the flimsy copy ? Lol
true! I would buy 2 copies of good card stock and keep the flimsy one for myself. WIN/WIN!
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