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one thing that has alwasy gotten my goat is

every quotes that book ,
there is ten no more no less.

by one man saying that they have made that a commandant of the tree of life, but suppose his knowledge was the highest it could get back then with knowledge,,
but as we evolved the daath would become a sphere (some say it is the sphere we are supposed to make ourselves , the abyss)

so the phrase ten no more no less becomes defunct ?

it just gets my goat for everytime i try to explore the daath as a sphere that quote alwasy get thrown in my face.
i mean look at astrology and how much we understand due to astronomy .
i am sure qabbalah will change more in the next 2000 years
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Though aspects of astrology have been quite enriched by its astronomical explorations (which at one stage were part and parcel of the same), the basic 'structure' remains the same: twelve (though some want to claim thirteen) zodiacal constellations upon the ecliptic.

Similarly, it may be that the ten emanations are not a reflection of the limitations of the individual(s) concerned who wrote on the same, but a reflection of the (spiritual) underpinnings of creation.

With regards to Da'at, I have also extracted a paper I delivered to an SRIA College (equivalent of a Lodge, and the SRIA is the order, still in existence, from which the Golden Dawn arose) about 12 years ago - the post in the Qabalah - Tree of Life - Da'at(h) thread remains, however, in the subscriber-only area.

Within that post (and paper), I wrote
  • 'Da'at is not a sephirah, an emanation, of the Divine, it is an emanation of the creation, of us.
In that sense, I tend to very much agree with your comment...
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I know a little about Qabalah, but not enough to add to what has already been said. I mostly use it in terms of Tarot.

However, I thought I would recommend a wonderful book:

The Mystical Qabalah by Dion Fortune.

A wonderful, wonderful, wonderful book that was recommended to me over and over again until I bought it. And now I have, I'm recommending it too.


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