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Druidcraft Tarot -The Fool

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To me, the Fool has always been about the soul just before falling into physical manifestation. The mind of the baby is all about "O" and so this card represents what the Buddhists call "beginner's mind".

When it comes up in a reading, it's about beginnings, playfulness, simplicity. If reversed, it's foolishness, childishness (as opposed to childlikeness). A good "omen" for beginning something, and taking in an open mind...

At the other end of the arcana, (the World) we see the same soul (and compare the two in the's the same face, only embracing the other half!) after rising OUT of the incarnational cycle... having attained the goal of the "great work". There's the "big O" again... The card before the World shows the actual step of rising.
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I s he male ?
Is she Female ?
or is he/she a bit of both....!
I think more the third !!!

The fool is there to represent any one of us is he/she not?
be thee male or be thee female ...

And this cliff that everyone talks about ???
All I see is a slight step off into the unknown ...
There is no floor in sight so it may well be that it is only a slight ledge.
Could this be the case?
Judging by the fools carefree look upon their face I think so...
No one, no matter how foolish or innocent doesn't get butterflies when near a danger point in their lives. And even if they were so stupid the dog certainly would have their wits about it.
So i propose that it is only a mound, a stumbling block to be overcome in order to get to the level of the magician.
The fool is after all barefooted that would symbolise sure-footedness similar to that of a mountain goat.
Look carefully at the fools eyes ... They know exactly where they are going, and the smirk on his/her face sure tells a thousand tales.

The fool ain't no fool...
This fool is you, me and every other person out there who looks to the inner self for inspiration.

The mistletoe would certainly symbolise that he/she is in no relationship other than with themselves. Footloose and fancy free, just how everyone truly deep down wants to be....

The pack on his bag doesn't contain any magical items of the magician. Look at the Magicians card, they are already there on his alter. This bag mealy contains his sandwiches and maybe an apple. Its too small for a pentacle and there is no bump where it could be, maybe its a plate, that I can see. A sword he would surely wear, a cup there maybe in there. The wand is the stick well.... Hmmm That is what a wand is is it not a stick cut from a blessed tree on a special night of the year!!!

If you truly want to know the fool then all you have to do...
Is grab a mirror, a cup of tea and maybe and hour or three.
Look deep within and soon you will see the fool in you, her, him and me....

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Here's a picture of the card.
Attached Images
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Originally Posted by Sulis View Post
Here's a picture of the card.
Yeah I know

I have the deck and use it everyday .....

I have this deck.
The Waite Smith
Witches Deck Ellen Dugan
Tarot Illuminati Kim Huggens
And that calssic of all tarot!!!!!
Thoth by the great Master, The Beast himself Sir Aliester Crowley ....
(I know he was never knighted, but he should've been, hehehehe)

But the druid craft doesnt just talk to me it screams volumes....
I have trimmed mine down to just the pic and gave them an extra lamination too....
I love this deck..


How did you attach the pic?
I wanted to too
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