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The Fairy Tale Tarot (Hello from Lisa Hunt)

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The Fairy Tale Tarot (Hello from Lisa Hunt)

Greetings friends:

I've been a long admirer of this forum and have had the pleasure of watching it grow into an amazing collective community of tarot luminaries and enthusiasts. I too am an avid collector of decks and consider my 40+ (lost count actually) decks to be among my prized possessions...and let's not even get started on my tarot book collection! haha.

I've wanted to join for a long time, but have been busy...well, making tarot decks! But thanks to some friends and my ever-growing desire to participate, I finally signed up! And I look forward to contributing as time allows.

For those of you who are not familiar with my latest effort, I've been spending many years working on my fairy tale project (the longest I've ever spent on a tarot project). It is entitled the Fairy Tale Tarot and will be published by Llewellyn Publications in 2009. My particular presentation is much different than other decks of its kind and represents a lifetime of fairy tale passion.

If you are interested, I have posted a journal about the project including anecdotes, sketches, insights and verbal meanderings that reflect how I work and feel and who I am as an artist and writer. These entries are largely spontaneous---when the mood strikes sort of thing...

Here is the link:

I also wanted to thank everyone for all your support, critiques and enthusiasm over the years. I greatly appreciate the feedback and am respectful of the many opinions and insights that have passed through the sundry of topics over the years. I want to particularly thank HearthCricket--she is as sweet and insightful in her e-mails as she is on this forum. She is one of the members who successfully cajoled me into joining Aeclectic! Thank you, dear. And thank you Patrick and Kris, tarot creators extraordinaire. Not only are they incredibly talented, but they're great people too. And yes, they too convinced me to join.

Again, a heartfelt thanks to all of you. I truly appreciate you!
If you have any questions about my deck, please feel free to ask.

Lisa Hunt
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Thank you Lisa for the beautiful artwork. Glad you joined!
Since you like to collect decks along with working on them.
you'll find lots of great decks for trading. It's one of my favorite
forums on here. You can usually find what you are looking for unless
it's very old or rare. Even then might be able to find them.

I like the Tarot Deck forum too, I have found out about so many decks
that I wouldn't have known about except that someone posted about
it on that page.

Your new deck looks lovely. Is there somewhere to see more of the cards?
What size are the cards going to be?

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Hi Lisa

I joined a little while ago and have found this forum wonderful, inspiring and informative. It has also caused my collection to expand and my bank balance shrink accordingly.

I've been checking in on your website since news of your new deck appeared here. Looking forward to it!
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HearthCricket  HearthCricket is offline
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(((((Lisa))))) I am so happy that you are here! Welcome to the forum! Behold, the addiction!! But you will have fun, I promise! This is rather coincidental as I just pulled out my Fantastical Creatures for my daily reading! I just love getting lost in your artwork and all the detail and layers, and you are a perfect excuse to reread all my fairy tale books between now and the release of your new deck! Congrats on it! I am sure your blog will be fun and insightful! It is an honour to have you here!

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Hemera  Hemera is offline
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Welcome Lisa! I am honoured to have you here! So nice you decided to join the forum
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artandwords  artandwords is offline
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Hi Lisa! Welcome to Aeclectic, and thanks for posting the Fairy Tale Tarot blog link. I will definitely link to you from my blog when I next update.

As a side note, I was privileged to view some of Lisa's original art for the FTT. It's stunning -- among her best work yet. Aside from being richly illustrated, Lisa's research is meticulous, incisive, and thoughtful. It's definitely a step up from previous fairy tale-based oracle systems. I can't wait for it to come out!
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Talk about coincidence!

I don't visit this forum too often and I am a huge fan of your decks and the artwork Lisa. And here you are! Welcome, it is good to have you here. As a lover of fairy tales, I am really looking forward to your new deck. Fantastical Creatures was great, and one of my all-time favorites is Animals Divine.

Anyway, enough gushing. I look forward to having you share your thoughts with us.
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The Fool 

Welcome Lisa!

I enjoyed reading your blog look forward to more.
Good luck on this great looking new deck!
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Thumbs up Welcome Lisa!

Welcome Lisa! So good to have you here, I love your art, its breathtaking! ~ I have just finally ordered Fantastical Creatures & Oh MY!!!!! ~ the Fairytale looks beautiful too. I most definitely will be wanting that one!!!! Look forward to reading more of your posts!

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Re: Fairy Tale Tarot

Hello Lisa,

I just went to explore your fairy tale tarot images and I can hardly wait for it to be released so that I can buy it! The images shown were beautiful; and I'm looking forward to watching the progression.


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