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Oracle of Shadows and Light & Oracle of the Shapeshifters

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Originally Posted by Celtictarot View Post
Which version of this deck do you have? I recently did a weekly read with this deck and it is a pleasure to read with this deck. I absolutely adore this deck!!
From Amazon, I just ordered Oracle of Shadows and Light and Oracle of the Shapeshifters.

I know there is both an Australian and American published Oracle of the Shapeshifters deck. The box cover that is shown for the one I ordered is the Australian version but the release date is 2013, which signified the American version. So I do not know exactly what will show up at my doorstep.

When finding images online, I liked the Ozzie version better
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I'm researching these oracles right now as i have a STRONG pull to get one or two new oracles soon. I am not sure of the big headed artwork but the uniqueness of it and the reviews i've seen of the book and the cards points to a good choice, if that's what i do.
the one thing i saw is that the Australian version (1st ed) of the OSL is different to the US version, this reviewer states:

" I must mention though, the cards shown in the image description are from the FIRST edition which is now only sold in Australia. The version we now have available is the 2nd USA Edition which has been censored a bit.. a few of the cards completely changed (Absinthe Fairy for temptation to Fairy of the Divine Hand for example) and most references to sex/sexuality have been removed from the book and replaced with boys/candy/love in general. Which isn't e necessarily a bad thing. The back of the cards has also been changed (which this is one of the things I DO prefer about the new version) and even some of the cards that are the 'same' have been illustrated a bit differently. There's a Youtube video that goes into all of the differences if you wish to search for it. Also, the one card that previously had the tiniest bit of nudity has since been edited."

so now i want the unedited edition! LOL
if you know where to get that ed, PM me

the other question i have is, can you use this deck for divinatory purposes rather than present moment readings?

ETA: oh and is there a visual difference between OSL and OS? they look pretty the same to me from what i've seen (not the actual depiction of the women, big headed,etc)
thank you
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Originally Posted by Golden Angel View Post
So I have both the OSL and OS. I love them both but I find I resonate more with OS, OSL is very accurate too though but sometimes I have a hard time trying to make sense of the meanings.

I've never tried pairing the two, but I tend to use them to further explain tarot cards and they work awesome for that method.

Let me try this technique right now...

The Lantern Fairy- A clear solution (OSL)
A Beautiful Rat- Take care of yourself (OS)

Well I'm about to cry. You are right, using these two decks together is amazing! I've been slowly weaning myself from a relationship that has ended and is ending. I feel as though we've hit a brick wall. Yes at times I yearn for a different outcome, but other times I know it has to end before it gets far worse.

So as I have ended it, thinking it can't get any worse than this, it got really worse just recently despite ending it some time ago. We fight more now than when we were in a relationship. He yells at me more, etc. Furthermore, he's moved onto someone else after I ended it.

So our last conversation was filled with blame, judgement, and ridicule as The Lantern Fairy says.

The clear solution now is to take care of myself and nurture myself and heal from every thought about the ending to our relationship. I'm so nurturing, I spent a lot of time nurturing the other instead of myself. Now, all of that energy and time can be reworked on me.

GOSH THESE CARDS ARE SO ACCURATE!!!! So accurate that sometimes it hurts:-/
hi! Okay so I have both of these decks. Actually my OS deck came today so I started using it immediately. Now did you mix the two into one deck with this? Or did you keep them separate and draw a card from each deck?
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