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Originally Posted by Mallah View Post
Thanks...I'll keep my eye out at the local Dollar stores when it's time. (How can it be $1.25 at the Dollah store?)
Inflation. Global economy... that stuff. The store I use is called Dollarama, and it USED to say everything a dollar or less, but... that was a few years ago now.

Oh - just looked:
Products are sold in individual or multiple units at select fixed price points up to $2.00.
The Looney Tooney - another - with no bags - is "everything a buck or five" as I recall... (it used to be up to $2 when they opened up.)
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We have The Dollar Store, and Everything's A Dollar, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar and three other stores with variation on the same name/idea. Two of them keep EVERYTHING in the store at $1 each. The others range from $1 on up into maybe $8 or so at the highest.

The card/craft/gift wrap area of the stores often do have drawstring bags - in the Wedding area usually. Some look really decent too, they're very similar to what the Michael's Store carries in their wedding section.

Or, if you sew, or know a sewer, you can have your own pouches made up.
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Just go on ebay...and do a search for the best deal for bags in a 'lot' ... on 'drawsting bags' lot...or in 'bulk'

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Originally Posted by gregory View Post
Good. Thank you. Please hurry... I just saw another deck on your site that I...

I know the US post office "counter service" is - not great, to put it mildly. Would it be worth your simply BUYING a VAST load of the flat rate boxes ? You must have to get boxes in anyway... Sure, an envelope is cheaper but I can appreciate that they take longer to pack up and you have a mass to mail. I can hack the $16.95 - though I'd rather hack the $6 - who wouldn't - but $40 for a deck that costs $22 ??? Ouch.

It can't be the rules - I just got ANOTHER package from the US - a deck sent in a bubble envelope for $6... (posted 2 days ago. That IS weird... - the time, not the price. I LIKED the price )
Just wanted to give you a heads up. It took many months of custom programming, but we finally have a much better shipping calculator:
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