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Shadowscapes Tarot - Page of Pentacles

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Shadowscapes Tarot - Page of Pentacles

"Trustworthy and diligent, bearer of messages, reflection, scholarship, practicality, effective."

I've loved this card from the moment I saw it - the colours and composition are just heaven, and the Page herself is entrancing. I love the way her dress floats up, and the luminous globe of the orb draws me further and further in. It's not until I start to let my eyes wander that I remember that she's sitting right next to a sleeping dragon.

It's hard for me to put into words what I feel from this card when I draw it. I tend to rely on the meaning given in the white book, or the traditional meaning of the card in the RWS. But I think overall the sense I get is of light in the darkness, unveiled mysteries, calm, relaxation and stillness but also intensity. She is sitting calmly next to a sleeping dragon, but looking so intently at the reader/querent, drawing us in.

Last night I did my first ever 'visualisation' or 'stepping into the card' reading. I did the 'Message from the Universe' spread suggested in the White Book that comes with the Shadowscapes deck. I was amazed at how much the figures in the cards had to say to me, but the one that really sticks with me is the Page of Pentacles, which I drew as the 'Spirit' card.

Of all the cards I drew, she was the only figure who didn't talk to me. Instead, I felt very strongly that she was telling me (without words) to look for her, and look for the light she was carrying.

I'd be very interested to see what other people see in this card.
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Dara  Dara is offline
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This is one of the most difficult cards to read in this deck. You're right, she seems to not what to speak but instead convey her meaning it cryptically.

Actually I feel like the whole Pentacle Court family are the hardest to read. They all have similar quietness to them. Its a peaceful and powerful quietness.

For the Page, I like to think of it in relation to the 10 of Pentacles (which makes sense because 10s are completion of a cycle and calls for the start of a new one and the page has the energy of initiative and the start of a new cycle). The 10 and the page both have one female figure and one dragon. So I like to think that they are the same figures, or at least the page just came out of a similar experience as the figure in 10. In the page depiction however, the dragon has shared everything with the woman, all his knowledge and wealth and power, and is now exhausted. It lays on the ground recuperating for another cycle.

If we see it like this, we then can assume this female figure in the page is more powerful that she seems. The orb she mesmerizes us with is the strength and essence of the pentacles she harvested in 10. It is small here but it is enough to spark into something much more grand.

If we take a different approach, and see her unrelated to the 10, she can be seen as she sneaked up on a sleeping dragon (plant roots have grown over the dragons foot which suggests its been there for some time). This shows how brave and courageous she is. It shows her curiosity. She does have a circle on her forehead which suggests intuition. Theres an owl suggesting wisdom. She sit on the rock in a position that suggests that she is well grounded. Dang, this page has got it going on! What a bad @$$.

However! She is isn't doing much, very quiet and still.
Either way you see her, sneaking up on a dragon or related to 10 of pents, this page is about potential. So much potential.

But why does she gaze at us so? Its almost creepy.
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