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Mystical Cats Tarot - Four of Sky (Swords)

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Mystical Cats Tarot - Four of Sky (Swords)

A silver tabby with long hair is lying on his side in a lavender field, one of his front paws covering his face. We can see the flowering field spreading far behind him.
A black weather vane with a cat design is planted in the middle of the field further behind. It seems to be indicating a West wind.
Behind the lavender field, we can see a dense line of trees and thick white and grey clouds hovering right above them. A small portion of a pale blue sky is visible at the top of the card.

Colors : Cold tones including a lot of purple.

According to the author, this cat decided to take a break from the tumultuous life of the Sky Clan and went to rest in a field of lavender. So this card is about resting, healing and replenishing your energy by putting some distance between you and your everyday life.
Also, if you feel unproductive or if you are stuck in a situation that won't progress, ''taking time away to think in solitude can lead to a breakthrough. Coming back to center will help you find your direction again.''

Symbolism :

Lying on the side : Denotes a totally relaxed state, complete trust. Resting time is implied as well.

Paw covering the face : Cats like to sleep in that position for various reasons. One of them being to protect their eyes from sunlight. Another one is to feel more secure. Of course, hiding your face doesn't really protect you from anything, but that's a common behavior in pets. In this case, it could symbolize the need to hide from reality, to put a physical wall between oneself and the real world.

Lavender : Often used for its sleep improving properties and calming effect, lavender is associated with peacefulness, mental healing and calmness.

Purple color : Associated with the intuition, psychic realm, compassion, power and spirituality.

Weather vane : Symbolizes the presence of multiple paths one may choose from. The indicated orientation could also be holding some important meaning ; in our case, a West wind. It could also simply be representing the Air element.

West wind : Considered the mildest and most favorable wind, the West wind often symbolizes endings and regeneration. The West direction is also commonly associated with the emotional realm, transformation and healing.

Number 4 (cardinal directions) : This number symbolizes solid foundations and stability, which can also translate to being motionless/inactive.

Forest : Symbolizes life, mystery and the unknown. Trees are also a symbol of protection.

Clouds : Represent thoughts. Here we have a thick layer of white and grey clouds, which could be reflecting an accumulation of thoughts.
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