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If a person is intuitive, psychic, clairvoyant etc

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View Poll Results: Sun, moon or rising sign
Sun - Pisces 22 18.18%
Moon - Pisces 35 28.93%
Rising - Pisces 12 9.92%
Sun - Cancer 14 11.57%
Moon - Cancer 22 18.18%
Rising - Cancer 13 10.74%
Sun - Scorpio 14 11.57%
Moon - Scorpio 21 17.36%
Rising - Scorpio 25 20.66%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 121. You may not vote on this poll

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Voron  Voron is offline
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Originally Posted by stella01904
Hi Yuko ~
Probably not. It also has to do with legacies, inheritance and the like. There aren't any "bad" houses, they all have a downside.
Legacies and inheritances are 8th house.
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What a fun poll!

Let's see:

I'm an Aries Sun.

That being said...

My Rising and Moon are both in Scorpio.
I have both Moon and Neptune in the First House.
My Mercury and Venus are in Pisces, with my Mercury being in the Fourth House.

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Stanton  Stanton is offline
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I'm not all that consciously intuitive. I feel it, but once my conscious realizes something, I [most of the time] decide I know better. I'm not exactly sure why, maybe because the majority element is Earth. Or the fact my Mercury is overly logical, nestled in Capricorn.

For the record, the Rising is Cancer, Sun in Sagittarius, and Moon in Taurus.
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Sun in Pisces, Rising Gemimi, Moon Taurus.

Mercury in Pisces.
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mollymawk  mollymawk is offline
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Well, my mercury is in Cancer, my Uranus is in Scorpio, and my decendent is in Pisces, the planet that potentially rules clairvoyance, neptune, for me is in Sagittarius--I have had some expierence with pyrokenesis.
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Madwenaya  Madwenaya is offline
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Originally Posted by mollymawk
Jupiter conj Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto is often an indicator of psychic ability.

Pluto in strong aspect to Moon, Mercury, Venus can be another.

Look for Sagittarius prominent in some way.

I can attest that something - or maybe all of it - in this statement is working for me.
Sag sun and mercury square to pluto. Pluto conj. uranus and jupiter - all in the 8th house and all trine venus. The only planet I have in a water sign is neptune in Scorpio, conjunct midhaven. So I'm not giving much credence to the whole water sign idea. I do have a lot going on in the 8th house, and most of what the information I get is about people dying or major life changes for me. (sounds 8th house to me) Usually I don't know exactly what, when, or how, but I know something will happen. And most of the time it is nothing I want to happen so I often feel guilty for knowing. Except for when my father died I always know who will be affected.
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For some reason I don't really feel like cancer has all that much 'psychic' affiliation. I put Pisces rising and moon, and scorpio rising. Maybe it's personal experience, but all I've seen, read, understood about cancer hasn't related to clairvoyance as much as other emotional 'things'.
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Hi Voron,

Sorry I missed this!!!

Originally Posted by Voron
How close *is* your moon to the 9th? Given the variety of house systems, the 8th-9th cusp is "fuzzy". I use Placidus, but what were they using? Also, if a Plaanet is near a cusp, you can't ignore the house that it actually was in -- it's there for a reason. (Though the 4 angles "pull" them in stronger) If your moon is 5 arcminutes before the 9th, that's one thing, but if its two and a half degrees before the cusp, that's another thing entirely.
Details from, so they used Placidus. My moon is actually Cancer 3-36, and House 9 starts at 5-08 Cancer according to the portrait section, so under 2 degrees, hence I believe why its interpreted in House 9.
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I dont know anything about this.. Can you all help me I was born on March 7, 1987.... ^_^ Thanks alot../
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