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Join Date: 08 Jan 2003
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About room's comments: I can't believe some people are so vehemently opposed to this idea.

I personally think it's a great initiative - I missed it last time, but will join now. I'll be using the Dusserre Dodal Tarot de Marseille.

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We prefer to not have to request post edits nor otherwise edit. Hence, other commentary more appropriate for off-thread communication needs to be directed accordingly (as some have already).

Your understanding appreciated.

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Join Date: 23 Sep 2004
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I would like to join in, using the International Icon. I've only had it a few weeks but in that time I've already come to think of it as a reliable friend.

Off now to read the old threads to see exactly what I've let myself in for!

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Join Date: 19 Nov 2004
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I think I'll join too. Interestingly I just spent some time comparing images in 5 different decks, hoping to carry my understanding of one over to the others. Not sure if it helped or hindered. At times I felt I was suffering image overload.

Now, which deck to choose.

One of those I read with fairly well:
Spiral, World Spirit, Prauge

Or those I am intrigued by:
International Icon, Sheridan Douglas
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6 Haunted Days 

Yes, which deck to choose? That's what I am having trouble with!

It's between Tarot of the Old Path or Nigel Jackson Tarot. How does one choose?
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Join Date: 08 Jun 2006
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Originally Posted by Acacia
Now, which deck to choose.

One of those I read with fairly well:
Spiral, World Spirit, Prauge

Or those I am intrigued by:
International Icon, Sheridan Douglas
I would highly recommend the IIT. It really strips everything away and gets down to the bones of Tarot and reading. The Sheridan-Douglas is pretty minimalistic and would be very good also. Funny, but after people do a 'one deck wonder' with a deck like this, they find that they start picking decks that aren't overflowing with imagery.

Just MHO, your milage may vary.

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Really interesting thread! This is the first time I have heard Umbrae say what the original purpose of simplifying to one deck was for elf -- to reduce the noise, and in a professional situation (where you better not have a brain lock-down) Wow. That makes so much sense.

I just came upon this thread just as I was about to put up a new subject - on deck acquisition fever. (!)

Little Buddha I am so so pleased to see you working with the Victorian Romantic, and willing to experiment with One-deck-wonderfulness. I myself was monogamous with this deck for quite a while.

Looking forward to hearing your results!
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I think its a wonderful idea... Im just wondering whether I could do it for 6 months...If I decide to go for it I shall use my DruidCraft as I just love there a start date as such??? or is everyone all just "doing their own thing"?
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Join Date: 13 Sep 2006
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When I first heard about this idea I decided to use my Ator Tarot--I love it, really I do, it's so cute and gives good readings too--but I found it hard to study and understand. I looked around and found a Thoth Tarot, now I do not have to find it hard to stick to that deck or understand the majority of the cards.

So if I sign up it'll be with my Thoth.
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Join Date: 16 Feb 2007
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I am new here on this site but boy is this a SMOKIN thread. I didn't know there was so much ANGER out there. I myself have read my own cards nearly daily with the same deck I found in an old shop in 1982. Because it was an antique deck I have always thought my possession of it was meant to be and the deck and I have bonded. I guess that makes 25 years with the same old deck. ( Etteliia Book of Thoth ).
BUT I still read with other decks from time to time and especially for others. Hell, I will read with a regular pack of playing cards if that is what is available and my querent does not mind the lack of messages from the majors.
I have become so familiar with my Etteilla that I certainly don't even notice it anymore. I have stopped looking at the little printers flaws,the court cards shoes, the colors etc, because I know them so well.
I found this site because I am starting to design my first tarot deck and was curious to see how people use their decks and feel about them. I have recently bought some new decks to see how they are constructed and made. I have found that I enjoy looking at the differences and designs on them.
So- I feel that in using my old familiar deck I am reading more intuitively because I am in no way studying the images.
With the new decks I am expanding my imagination by "seeing" the cards through the eyes of their designers. Thus I am intellectualizing my views of the cards more. It is sort of the same experience I have when doing a reading for someone else and they ask a question based on the way a card image looks to them. For instance, someone once asked me if the 9 of swords was like a bed of nails and I would NEVER have thought of that- though it is apt. If some designer made a card with a woman sleeping on a bed of nails for the 9 of swords, then I would have been open to that thought.
Both insights are valuable I think. Two ways of traveling the same road, with probably the same destination.
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