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IV The Emperor--Archeon Tarot

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Lightbulb IV The Emperor--Archeon Tarot

Once again, Lantz utilizes moon imagery by placing a large moon in the background, and a smaller one in the foreground. Though I don't see any glaring connections between the Moon and the Emperor, I think that Lantz was simply maintaining the moon-theme.

However, I do think the Native American Chief is a brilliant choice for the Emperor. A NA chief embodies fortitude, strength, stability, intelligence, masculinity, and humble-rule.

The Crow or Raven in the foreground (highlighted by the small moon) may symbolize a Watchful Eye--a level of knowing that is beyond the physical or the obvious.

His strong facial features make appear mature, but not old. He's in the prime of his life, but yet he's wise enough to make sound decisions.

Thanks, FS
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An strange animal
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An strange animal

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The bird seems to be his guide while he look inside himself. His eyes are closed. It seems he is looking inside himself for inner guidance.
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This is a serious emperor...he takes his position very seriously, as a ruler. He trusts his instincts, for me represented by the wild bird, but he uses his brain and rationality to balance it. To don't act for impulse - he need control in every aspect of his his life. And he need to stay calm, thinking, not showing his feelings for those might be perceived as a weekness coming from someone like him.
As Lantz starts himsel, the Emperor is also worried about being remembered when he's gone...not just as another portrayal of a ruler, but by his actions, his achievements...that's why he's so careful and resposible at every step. We have all heard of lings and emperors that have been nothing but a shame to their kingdoms and domains...this Emperor will never accept to be remembered like that.

He'll be the big father of his domains, protecting it and making it greater, but He'll also demand to be always seen, respected and remembered as the great Emperor he is.

My two cents

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This is a very serious Emperor but at the same time I see a lot of sensitivity in his face. The colours on the card are very somber and bring about a reflective mood. The lines on his face seem to indicate a person who has lived life to the fullest both the good and bad times. He also looks sturdy and reliable and ready and able to be a fine warrior for his tribe.
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This is an emperor who are in controll.
His dark native american face is quite exotic to a norwegian. But in this face the time kind of stands still. Shaped in stone...
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