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"Pimp my Rider!"

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greatdane  greatdane is offline
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I have to laugh every time I see

pimp my deck! It sounds like a new cable show. Too funny!

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It is FUN, right???
Your project sounds great traveller, please post some pics if you can :-)

I don't have enough cra... raw material yet, I really need yo go to the shop tomorrow ;-)
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We should have called the thread "Pimp my Rider!" as the show is called Pimp my Ride... ;-)
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well, I am still waiting to see if this company will send them to me in NZ as my billing address is still the UK one for now. (still not sold my house there yet)

they have an absolute shed load. I saw they had chalice designs but alas no sword or wand
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geminidragon  geminidragon is offline
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whilst i don't have any decks at this point that i would want to pimp, i think i will definitely keep an eye out for cheap decks (and art supplies) i wouldn't normally otherwise pickup just to do this as a fun art project. thanks for sharing such a wonderful idea!
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anything new on the pimping front?

I'm finishing trimming the Kissa today, so that I can outrageously pimp it during the weekend (the weather'd better be good because I am sending the kids out to play outside LOL).
If I get my Corte dei Tarocchi in the mail tomorrow, maybe I'll try and add some gold as well but I must admit I am a bit nervous about this one. Been dreaming of pimping it for so long and standing beside thorhammer for comparison is tricky ;-)

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Dusk Till Dawn 

Last I checked your Corte went to Finland Yesterday. So you should have it soon. I want to see a pimped corte!
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Uh oh, I just discovered this thread. Kissa, you're getting a compliment whether you were fishing or not. They're gorgeous! I'm gonna have to go to the craft store tomorrow. What about those really thin sheets of metallics you use to do gold leafing? You can even get gold leaf flakes. I wonder how durable that stuff is. That would be harder, you have to use a small burnishing tool but the deck wouldn't be any thicker. And metallic pens! Transparent glitter pens! Oh, this is so much better than just gilding the edges of a deck.
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I worked with my Marvy pens while Rob was making breakfast.
This is a linen finish poker card and it takes and keeps the Marvy ink. I can reapply it for darker colors. The gold pen (don't know the brand) doesn't look very gold, but it does glisten when the card is moved. Neither ink rubs off, but with a dampened tissue the Marvy pen ink will smear.

Further experimentation shows that with a damped tissue 'some' of the Marvy ink comes off leaving an interesting sort of colored wind swept effect :0 The tiny stamps stamped very well which I was happy about because I have some big stamps that can be used to over-stamp the whole card.

Since some of the Marvy pen ink remains nice when dampened, I'll leave it for now until tomorrow and see if time to 'set up' will make it completely permanent.
Attached Images
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KafkasGhost  KafkasGhost is offline
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Kissa, beautiful! It's like scrap-booking for tarot decks.

I the "Pimp My Rider" idea . We could also do a "What NOT to Read".
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