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The Gilded Tarot Study Group proposal thread

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Thumbs up Would love to join....

I'd love to join in this study group. The Gilded Tarot was the first deck I purchased and I just love its color schemes and its "personality!" I hope to learn more about it with all of you
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Le Chat 
Just Got the Deck

I would love to sign up for this group. I've had the deck for about two weeks, and have just begun to read with it.
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Smile Art fan

I have always been a great fan of art in all its forms so using this deck made my readings much more easy. The illustrations tell a story that relates back to the meanings and that reminds me very much of being a child. I await many more readings with this deck. It was the first I ever purchased and it brings a great energy to me when I read with them.

I would also love to join your study group to gain a better feel for the cards.
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I'll like to join the group... Got three new decks a few months back and Gilded happens to be the last one I pick and I just love the deck.
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great info! I will be reading this thread inside out while i learn more about this deck.
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Gilded Tarot - Lovers

Originally Posted by oceanpoetry
First, let me say, I think this is an absolutely beautiful deck - I love the vibrant colors and the detailed design. I am eagerly awaiting its wider publication later in the year.

I am having trouble with one card, "The Lovers" ... I had a negative first reaction when I first saw this card. I don't care for the military armor of the man. And to me, woman appears to be struggling to get away rather than melting into his embrace (which I am sure was the illustrator's intent).

I would love to hear other opinions and reactions about this card.

This is the most beautiful deck I have ever seen, and the lovers card one of the most powerful, the imagery spellbinding. The man is unable to attain cosmic consciousness except through the woman; he at once dominates and honours her, holding her fast in his grip yet looks up to her. Each is necessary to the other - she needs his strength and limiting control - he needs he open receptivity and powerful intuition. Only in union can each achieve perfection and completion. Together, they are illuminated; the water of life sustains their union and feeds their spiritual power.

I just received the deck from Amazon and have not had a chance to work with it yet, but already I resonate with it powerfully. There is power in raw sexuality of course, and I am delighted the creator of the deck had the courage to represent the Eros force so vividly and honestly - it is the force of becoming, of evolution, not only of the soul, but of all creation.

Well done!
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i would also like to join this group if i may i want to learn these cards as much as i can i look forward to seeing everyones input.
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i just noticed as i am going through the cards how come some cards haven't been covered yet?is there going to be more on this thread..i really want to learn this deck...
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Bluefairy if there is a card that you want to study why not start a thread on it yourself? If you do that others are bound to join in.

Tarot Study Groups are for everyone, you don't have to wait for someone else to post, just dive in yourself.

Sulis - Tarot Study Groups Moderator
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Join Date: 10 Feb 2008
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Will do thanks...
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